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Cemetary stroll

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The cemetary was filled with fog this evening. The moon was full and an eerie esscence was present.

A half furr walked through the cemetary in a black short sleeved shirt with a black jacket with fack stringy fur on the hoo and cuffs. She was wearing slightly baggy jeans. She had rocker white hair with a lacy black peice of cloth as a head band. There were holes made in the lace for her Red fox ears to peek through. She had her red paws in her jacket pockest and she stepping elegantly with her red paws. Her tail swished slowly behind her and her intense green eyes scanned her suroundings.

Her jacket fit her tightly and kept her warm. She passed by a few hedgestones and reconginized none of them.

Some strange shadow appeared beneath one of the dim lights of the cementery.
It had human features but 2 fox ears sticked out of his head.
and a long tail played in the cold and almost gloomy wind.
It looked at the gravestones one by one.
he kneeled down as one catched his eye.
"Ronse Black....."
he whispered as he looked at the gravestone under the light.

Rynn walked down and saw a light on a figure was standing beneath it.
She sat on a tombstone and watched the figure.

His ears catched a small crumbling noise of a tombstone nearby.
He turned his eyes to the shadow without flinching.
his hair covered most part of his face. he continued to look at the tombstone.

Rynn giggled slightly at the figure just standing there.
She shivered as the wind picked up.


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