Author Topic: What is the News Forum? What can be posted here?  (Read 13202 times)

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What is the News Forum? What can be posted here?
« on: April 02, 2012, 09:41:29 pm »
After much discussion by staff as well as regular members, The Furtopian Staff have voted to add a News Forum for the discussion of national and international world current events.
What makes this forum different from the General Non-furry Discussion forum or the Debate Forum is the following as quoted from member Storm Fox from this thread here:

If a member is ever unsure of what kind of news topic can be posted here, then please PM a staff person and we can help answer any questions you have on where it should be properly located. :)

While news can be considered a form of general discussion, a news thread would be more specifically about current events.
Such as specific stories where the topic is based around a legitimate story or writing of what, as far as we know is considered fact.

Some examples…

general non-furry discussion
   What every forum Moderation team needs.
   What are you reading right now?
   Your Career?
   What kind of languages do you speak?
   The "Good News" thread.
   Firearms and General Militaria
   Time Travel: Is it possible? Should it be done?
   2012 New Year predictions?
   What do you wish for Christmas?
   Paranormal Experiences?
   Black Friday shopping
   Emotional movies

While a news forum would consist of…
   Whitney Houston, Pop superstar, dead at 48
   FBI wants activists who investigate factory farms prosecuted as terrorists
   North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il is Dead.
   National Defense Authorization Act: End of the Bill of Rights?
   American Internet Censorship Bill
   Apple computer founder, Steve Jobs, Dead at 56.
   The effects of war that we often don’t think about
   Military's new plane launched and lost.
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