Author Topic: 8 people killed on a bikeway in New York City.  (Read 2885 times)

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8 people killed on a bikeway in New York City.
« on: November 01, 2017, 12:03:19 pm »
Sadly more deaths at the hands of a religious fanatic. It seems
almost anyone who desires power over others can use religion
to get followers to kill in the name of GOD.

This person drove a pickup truck down a bike path to kill as
people as he could. Apparently in his mind to please GOD and
the leaders of isis.

He apparently was hoping to get killed by the police
since he was brandishing weopons. Well sorry about
that. He will get to spend many years  waiting to find
whatever reward he expects GOD will give him for
killing 8 people. It's always amazing to me that people
think a being who could create a universe would need
the help of man for anything.

11 other people were injured. 3 released from
the hospital. Hopefully all injured will survive.

Here is a link to a video for more info on the subject.
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