Author Topic: The GOP is working to add a balanced budget amendment to the constitutions.  (Read 3282 times)

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Since 2010 the GOP with the Tea party have been using their
political control of several states to set up a constitutional
convention. They plan to add a balanced budget amendment
and who knows what else to change our constitution according
to their agenda of reducing the federal government.

This of course would save the riches amercians millions in
taxes. Having a balanced budget sounds good, but
it will end up hurting those who depend on retirement
funded by the federal government. Civil servvice retirees
across the nation along with those on social security could
loose a significant amount of their monthly retirement. Why?
Because with a constitutional amendment congress would
be required to cut all services. Even military retirees
will have their checks cut too if required.

Some might think this won't affect me, but
when we have economic recessions, it's those
recieving payments from the federal goverment
who help keep the ecomomy afloat. Otherwise
many jobs would be lost due to small businesses
closing in a economic recession. This job loss
will only deepen any recession which wiould
affect everyone. When people loose their
jobs they can't make payments on their homes
or to pay for anything on credit.

The GOP has 28 states, and they only need
a total of 34 to open the convention. This
shows we must stop this rush to protect the
upper class, which will end up hurting us all.

The following link goes into more detail on
this subject.

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