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Special Places?
« on: December 07, 2021, 06:10:03 pm »
When things get really tough, or sometimes for fun, I try and visit places that I know well.
There is a place near my house, in the edge of a large city park.  It has a pond, and an unsanctioned "social trail".  I visit there with Wanda normally, sometimes without.  I find it is calming and allows me to talk to "whatever" may be "out there" and such.  Now I do not know for sure, if anything exists, meaning if I am heard, but it helps nonetheless.

Back where I used to live, about 140 miles north of where I live now, there was a similar set of places I would go.  Those are very special to me, and I regret leaving the area, but I had to.  There is a mountain, not 14,000 foot tall like many people think of when thinking of Colorado, but it is tall enough.  It has views, and few people if any.  it is harder to climb than the tall one.  It is a place Heidi and I would go, she as you may know was my last pup.  Anyway, all my life, I seem to have found and visited these special places, and still think of many fondly.  Most are outdoors, some are not.

Do you have special places you go when things get you down, or you want to reflect or relax?
What do they mean to you and how long have you been going there?
What do you feel, if anything, when you are there?
Would seeing a photo or web-cam be the same?

Just curious how other people might answer these questions above, or any response they may give.

For me, part of furry is seeing myself as a little more animal than normal human.  And part of that is a connection I feel to nature.  I have been that way since I can remember.
I wonder if an anthropomorphic animal were here next to me, what they might say.  Would they shun outdoors and strive to be in the most technologically advanced city possible? 
I do not know at all. 
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Re: Special Places?
« Reply #1 on: December 09, 2021, 09:40:15 pm »
One of my "fun" places to go to is my local library. I enjoy browsing all the aisles filled with books and DVD's. You can learn a lot by going to the library. ;)

Other times when I want to get away from all the craziness and weird people and such, I'll just stay home. At least when I am home, I can do whatever I want and nobody can tell me what to do.