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Truckers Convoy/Blockade

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Jade Sinapu:
And I do apologia if I was cranky in my last post.  I have let stuff out side of here bleed in.  Not a good excuse.  But I am fallible..

cause the rat:
Jade, your as fallible as the rest of us. It's OK to be angry. It numbs my brain to think that people as so brainwashed they continue to fallow the words of people who have murdered so many. If the early prognosis of BA.2 is correct we could see a significant rise in corona deaths. It's unfortunate. It's human nature ( stockholm syndrome) for people to feel for those who continue to do them harm. It's very unlikely anyone who believes the lies will ever walk away from them. There are people right now who have had family members or friends die. Yet they still hold on to the lies. Feel for the murdered. Not for the murderers.   


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