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Ive been thinking of this for a whgile now and it would seem to me that it might be good to think about restarting this, of course, seeing as it has been clear for sometime that the current dm is no longer interested in continuing, dosent mean that something that was quite a good rp go down the plughole, so if your still listening, i would like permission to restart or continue this rp.

Yea Kale i agree with you but i dont think he even visits the site anymore sadly.

Yup, I wouldn't mind re-starting either, it's a fun idea, I rather liked it, but got un-involved after awhile....Would like to play again ^.^

Black Foot:
if U folks started over I'm just curious if I can join in this time since I just looked o'er it.

of course you can join, this RPG was open to anyone before so i dont see why it cant be now

start it up again!


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