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Is this ever going to get rolling again?

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The topic title explains it all....

Well, we could try restarting it, but from what i can tell, a lot of the major players are gone, or have forgotten about it, as has the rp's leader. I'd be more than happy to take control (I dont think i'll be as good as he was) with permission and try and restart it.

I think you'd be a pretty good GM! The only problem is getting other players....

Jez Anthro:
Hey I'll give it a try if ya'll need players. I'm not to sure how good I'll be at RPG's, but I'll try anything once

Ciasmi Violette:
You know...i didnt even know Furtopia had its own RPG ><;

Heck, if it restarts, im up for it. Would give me something to do this summer


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