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Its again! (PSP7)


Hey hey! Does anyone know of a site I can find a Paint Shop Pro 7.0 trial at? I have looked almost everywhere, but cannot find one. Im not looking for a crack, and I do NOT trust those hacker sites. I have it on a disk on my computer in my room, but I lost my internet in my room due to bad grades, and to make matters worse, my mom's CDROM is broken. I need a trial so I can work on a few images in the livingroom and not haveta worry about running back and forth from my room to the online compy. So yes, any help is appericated. ^^

Everywhere's pretty much replaced 7 with 9 and I'm not entirely sure I'd trust a place that hasn't updated. And if I recall, most places just pointed to the Jasc site anyway.

8 and 9 are much better than 7. Give 9 a try.


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