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Why cant I delete categories?

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I want to rebuild my site, but as it seems, the Advanced FTP has been removed, so now I cant delete the sections.

Please tell me how I can delete the categories.

Nocte will be adding category delete support soon.  In the mean time have you ever tried a FTP client?  They are a lot faster than web and easy to use.  There is a free one called filezilla here:

If you have any problems let me know here.  I'd even be glad to help walk you through it on IM.


Oh, wow, this is nice, I think I got the hang of it actually, thanks much! ^.^
Yeah, I wanna redo my site up and use it like a library and guild to story/game and all my work.

Thanks much!

Yes it is.  FileZilla is what WS and I use and always recommend it to others that are having problems with their FTP access. :)

Old Rabbit:
If you use the firefox browser. There is a ftp addon for it here.

I find it works pretty well..  They ask for donations, but
it's up to the user.


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