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I need some help with a layout


okay, so I need help setting up a website layout, here's the link to the page its on
<a href="">Clicky</a>
it's the lion one on the bottom. I don't know how to do it, like after I download it, than what? if somebody could do it for me that would be awesome, or just tell me how to do it. thank you!  :)

Richard K Niner:
Look in the index.html file, and replace the text in it with whatever you're putting on the website.  If you're looking to make something else use it, that's a bit more work, but still doable if you're willing to put in he effort.

when I do that none of the images show up...

Richard K Niner:
Did you upload the image folder?

yeah, but I don't know where to put the links to the images in the code


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