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[SPOILER] 18 Piece Puzzle


This is the spoiler thread for the 18 piece puzzle.  If anybody solves the puzzle, I'll quote their solution in this post.

(edit)  Wow, I should have put this in ages ago.

Solved Puzzle Link

This puzzle has been sitting here for a while...

Hint #1

Pieces 2, 4, 7, 13, and 15 have been positioned correctly with respect to the solution.  In addition, the size of the completed puzzle is also revealed.

Have fun!

(edit) I fail at staying on top of my PMs...

The puzzle has had its first conqueror, as a correct solution has been PMed to me on the 20th of January.

Like I said, me staying on top of my PMs == epic fail.

I'll post the solution in about a week, just in case anybody wants to solve the puzzle using hint 1.

Perhaps worth mentioning that there is a "second" solution. More precisely, two of the pieces in the solution are interchangeable.


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