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Where to Find YouTube Downloader/File Converter for Parody Review Video

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I want to do a comedy review video a la The Nostalgia Critic, and I'm trying to figure out how to get clips of the old show I'm reviewing the way he does. (Or any way that's free, easy and virus-free). I need to get the clips into a format that will be editable in Windows Movie Maker and/or Adobe Premiere. As I understand it, both criticism and parody (this video will be both) are covered as Fair Use under U.S. Copyright Law, so using the clips should be okay. On a Google search, I found some YouTube Downloaders and FLV file converters, but I'm scared of computer viruses due to some bad experiences in the last couple years, so I figured someone on here would know which ones are safe. I'm currently working on the video with stills, but all the other Nostalgia Critic imitators use video clips.



I know nothing about what you are trying to do animagusurreal, but I do know WS put a thing on my comp that prevents scripts automatically popping up on your comp when you go to a site.  It has done wonders for me.  You will have to contact him and ask him what it is.  What it does is when you go to a web site it doesn't allow any scripts to be loaded.  You have to manually allow them.  This helps keep down all the viruses from sites one visits.  As for the viruses from video downloaders I have no idea about those either.  Sorry.

Hopefully, someone with more knowledge of what you are wanting to do can post something here for you.

There's this great free tool (read: not shareware, completely free) called SUPER video converter which basically does everything, and isn't that hard to use.

Virus/spyware free too. That should be able to do what you need.

Thanks, McMagik! :) I've downloaded it.

Do you happen to know where I could find a YouTube FLV file downloader too?

Thank you too, Kada-ru :)

Er, try


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