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[SPOILER] Pixel Cipher (Image Heavy)


This is the spoiler thread for the Pixel Cipher.

Here are a few things to start you off:

Spoiler: showFrequency analysis will more likely than not be your best friend.  Look for anything quantifiable in the plain text and the resulting cipher.

* How many characters are there in the text?
* How many words are there in the text?
* How many colored pixels are there in each image?
* Where do most of the colored pixels lie in each image?
* What is the same for every image?  What is different?
Now look at these numbers, and note pairs that are consistently the same.  For obvious reasons, I haven't listed everything that you should consider in your analysis; that would somewhat defeat the purpose of this puzzle!

Feel free to collaborate here if you'd like; it should make this puzzle a bit easier to solve

No solution, just simple data (for those too lazy to count):
Spoiler: show
Words     Chars     Cipher
14           69          ciph_1
22           132        ciph_2
15           80          ciph_3


--- Quote from: silverfox on December 15, 2010, 02:12:15 am ---Observations:
Spoiler: show
Number of characters = Number of colored blocks

--- End quote ---

As I have said in the IRC, this isn't technically true.  It is close.

It's been just a little bit under 48 hours since the puzzle has been given.

Cue the first substantial hint:

Spoiler: show

Hopefully, this one should be more helpful than the introductory hints.

Cue substantial hint number 2:

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show
Hint #1 is the Courage from message #3
Hint #2 is piece 1 of 3 of the Wisdom from message #1
Hint #3 (will be posted in 2 days) is some/all of the Power from message #2
All pieces together make the Triforce.
With the Triforce comes understanding.

Spoiler: show
In other words, interpret the substantial hints as parts to the whole of the puzzle's mechanics.  Each one tells you a different aspect of how the cipher works.  Together, there isn't any aspect of the cipher that they don't hint at (however subtle the hints are).  Interpreted together (correctly), they tell you how the whole cipher works.


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