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The "Bad News" thread.

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The screen went black on my pone. I might have to get a new phone.

cause the rat:
My new used recently fixed lawn mower needs to go back in the shop again. Looking to trade it in for a different one.

I do have to get a new phone as even a new battery and a charge did nothing.

I don't want to live with my dad anymore as I fear, he's not good for my mental health. But alas stay with him I have to as no one but my mom and maybe sister would take me in. Mom lives at the coast(Garibaldi) and sister currently resides in Corvallis and in collage. Both too far away from where I work.

Jade Sinapu:
Had 5 inches of rain in 30 min. 
They are calling it unofficially another 100 years flood.
It is stupid crazy what the water did here.
I'm fine but a lot of where I walk the dog is damaged or gone.
More rain tomorrow


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