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T G I F What are you doing this weekend?

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Nothing major that I can think of. Maybe go to library on Saturday for a bit.

Jade Sinapu:
Hopefully I will get to feeling better.  I miss the interactions I've had with other furs here, and in telegram.  But they are all gone. I have to ping people to get any response.  I talk about them and things they like as well as myself.   I'm genuine in my interactions but it gets me no where.  I loved having friends there but if i have to reach out 100% of the time, am i their friend? No.  . My job is coming to an end and I'm not ready for what's next.  Even my dog didn't care I'm alive. 
So maybe if i can get to feeling better ill be happier. But so far this weekend is going to stink

Rocket T. Coyote:
In a smalltown parade Friday. Attended a Furry BBQ meet today.

Jade Sinapu:
Walked dog in the woods, but it was still 88F and oddly humid. Wanda can't tolerate heat so it was a short walk, too bad it took 2 hours to get there.

Nothing much


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