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-yalps a bit- Help with IFRAME codes!


If you go here: you'll see why. Im trying my fur-darndest to get the box bigger, but no matter what I do, it just wont work! Also, if anyone knows the code, be it CSS or HTML, to make the "index" page displayed have a translucent background, or a foggy one, I would appericate it. Lend teh wolfy a paw, please? T_T

I figured the box-bigger thing out, I just cant get my index2.htm to work now! T_T URL change:

Please help!

I'm not 100% sure on *what* you are trying to accomplish? Can you clarify?

Sure thing CarLOS. You see that box that has the info on the webpage being under construction? I was hoping to find a way to make it slightly fogged, or in other words, making it to where it has a faded look about the background...

I know, I cant get it any clearer than that, sorry. u.u;

Try the technique listed at

If that doesn't work, you can get a second copy of the image, lighten it manually, and stick it in that iframe. I also did something similar a few years ago, available at - but I don't remember what I did and I'm rather busy today. Maybe it'll give you some ideas. It also only works in Firefox/Mozilla since IE doesn't render a lot of CSS tags properly.

Using this method, try a wee bit of php or JS to detect browser, because IE is the only one to use those proprietary codes. Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox/Safari/Konqueror/Galeon/Opera all use the proper W3C CSS1 and CSS2 codes


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