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The "Good News" thread.

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cause the rat:
My latest experiment has worked better than I was hoping fore.  There are still a few more I could do but I've already invested $$$ just in experiments. And with the results I already have it would be pointless to do anymore. I"d be riding the same horse I've been on multiple times already. This LAST ( hopefully ) experiment should take 9 to possibly 18 days to complete. Ya, I'm getting nervous. I'm actually more nervous now than I was setting up the experiment that melted down right after the one that exploded. And before you ask there was nothing dangerous or explosive used in those older experiments.

Rocket T. Coyote:
Just learned that my local furcon is offering double volunteer hours to panelists. Maybe I'll offer one on my adventures with a fox and his family.

cause the rat:
YouTube has updated their fag system. Looks like they're trying to rely less on bots and more on actual evidence. Now you can flag a vid AND leave a typed in message. I just flagged a vid for fearmongering and misuse of data. Just one more tool to use against rampid misuse and misleading videos. Way to go YouTube. Finally doing something right.

Adding to this. I have a friend who's in his 40's. Because of right wing lying about Covid and vaccines he is going to SUFFER for the rest of his life. Had there been better tools to use against this form of misinformaiton perhaps he'd be healthy now.

Jade Sinapu:
Sort of building on what Cause said... my brother has damaged lungs from covid almost to the point of disability. He is 42 and was a gym fanatic and healthy.  He and I are usually susceptible to same germs. I'm okay but I got vaccine.   

My Co worker Rob is the one who had MASSIVE blood clots in his lungs which almost killed him.  He is still out on short term disability.  He has hiked all the 14teener mountains in Colorado and competed in 1000 mile "ultra marathons " across the USA.  He recenly did a 100 mile race above timber line here.   Only cause doctors can determine for his clots is likely covid. 

Both rob brother were scared of vaccine because of media on YouTube and reddit.   

Covid vaccine was based on MERS and SARS and used technology which was already used to make other vaccines.  And no steps were skipped in its approval.  It was just fast tracked. Meaning likely other programs put on hold.   

My good news is that my workplace finally helped me understand what they needed me to do.

Rocket T. Coyote:
Full-size Butterfingers, 3/$1 at the salvage food store. Bought a case.

Free donuts in my Credit Union lobby today. Also a drawing for a $50 gift card.


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