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What really "grinds your gears"?

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Rocket T. Coyote:
Dude parked his new 4wd crewcab pickup 90-degrees out from a parking space that runs parallel to the edge of the parking lot--clearly marked too. One had to drive through the crosshatched area to enter the lot. Fortunately, there were no other patrons at that business.

cause the rat:
The Anime channel I watch has been hacked again.

cause the rat:
The totally out of their mind pricing for business supplies. For a part I need. If I buy one I get it for $9.99. If I buy a box of four I get the box for $55........  One at a time I get lids. A case of four I have to buy the lids separately. And the more in a single case I buy the more expensive they get. Different product.  If I buy this product straight from the American manufacturer a case is almost $70. If I buy from that exact same manufacturer through Amazon the very same case would cost $38. FROM the very same manufacturer. The very same product. I've been in management. I understand it's important to be able to keep track of multiple departments spending. So you only get supplies from a hand full of companies. You get raked over the coals to make it easy on tracking and accounting. Not happening. Who ever ends up doing my taxes will be working on them for weeks.  :D

People who cough or sneeze and don't bother to cover their mouth. It really pisses me off.  :goldpissed: :goldpissed: :goldpissed:

Eating challenges for views! You could help end hunger but would rather make a pig out of yourself for views.  :goldpissed:


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