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Jade Sinapu:
Anyone keep a diary?

I don't, until I realized I had one .

What I mean is this...

I have an old school "At A Glance Auto Record" book part number 80-135-05, now unobtainable apparently.
I have had it since march 2012.  So it has in it , the last 10 years of my life, and my dog(s).

It has sections for Gas and Oil, Lube, Repairs, Tires, Diary, telephone and Address, Memo

Well it turned out I did use it for mileage, gas , oil repairs, and trip diary etc.
But apparently I also used it to record all sorts of things that I thought was important at the time.  These things were actually jotted down on gas receipts the week of the trip/event/etc.  These paper receipts were jammed into car unconsciously, and each month I would enter them into the computer and summarize this data and put the months summary into this book.

Things like births, deaths, fun days, sad days, strange experiences, bad weather, good weather, people coming to visit, and basically anything different from my ordinary day.  So I knew I was doing this but today being the first of a new year, made this realization particularly important to me.

I was in the process of digitizing part of it, and also putting more gas receipts into the book in condensed form.
What I realized is that I did inadvertently make this into a diary.  It recorded, much to my surprise, that I get out more than I thought and do more things than I thought which bring me joy.
Lists of times I went to far places to walk dog, eat out, camp out under stars, and the things we experienced (dog and I) like swarms of dragonflies, freak storms, and more.  Rainbows, thunder snow, strange sightings in sky, meeting people, doing things, big events etc.

It was surprising to see the fun I had living the last 10 years

I am now diagnosed with cardiac problems, coronary disease, peripheral artery disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, beginning of type 2 diabetes, and a few other things.
I can feel I am not young, I know it.
Some days it feels like my days are numbered few.  It is harder to be happier or so it seems.
But then there is this "diary" of sorts.
It proved to me that I can still do a lot, and did, not so long ago. 

Maybe I CAN still do things!

So despite all that I was told, I will try to keep being young. 
I know I make resolutions I can't hold.  We all often do.
Since this auto record book worked, why not something else?

What if I make a food/exercise/weight/dog walk/mood "diary"?  Will it keep me fit?
And as I watch the weight drop and the muscle build (this will take a lot of work...) will I be happier?

I encourage you to make a diary and be truthful to yourself.  You may find life really is not that bad. 
And you might be surprised how many things are transitory and how you overcame so much. 


Rocket T. Coyote:
Some schools have their students keep journals.

Jade Sinapu:
I like that idea , could show student later how much they have grown and overcome

cause the rat:
The closest thing I've done would be to write events of the day on a calendar. Only the interesting events.

Kay Alett:
I've tried over and over and over and over again throughout my life to keep a journal or diary but it never sticks as a habit.
There's only so many times that you can write down "nothing happened" before you start to feel like it's just a waste of time. Or you try to build up non events into something worth writing about.
As for keeping a record of my thoughts, that's like trying to keep track of the shrapnel in an explosion. I have ADHD so I'd end up writing out an entire book's worth of the thoughts and feelings that pass by.
Sounds cool huh? Here's the rub: That one, single, 100+ page book of thoughts you had just read was maybe about ten seconds of the thoughts and ramblings and intrusive thoughts and errant ideas that run through my head pretty much all the time. It's aggravating and I cannot shut it off.


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