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Just curious, but what are everybody's thoughts concerning ChatGPT as well as other A.I. chat/bot programs that are proliferating on the Net?
Like them? Hate them? Do you use them or not? Will these be good for society as a whole or not?
And what are your general views concerning artificial intelligence?

cause the rat:
Most of us don't think before we talk. End up saying something stupid. AI uses complex computer programing to say something stupid. I'd say we are on equal grounds.

Kay Alett:
Everyone's losing their minds over this rapid progress of AI. My boyfriend keeps talking about Skynet.
We're not yet quite at the stage of progress where the programs are sentient and sapient and until then I'm not concerned.

Jade Sinapu:
I don't use it
I shouldn't need it

If students use it to do the work, they should get an F point blank.  And they should feel guilty.
Teachers should use the AI to check against AI.
Chat GPT should try to keep basic logs as to what it was tasked to do by whom and when so teachers can prove students just asked Chat GPT to do the work.
Also those logs could help in criminal cases of fraud, murder, etc.  Chat GPT is like the ultimate advisor, time to put some emotion/ethics into it.

Why did I spend 6+ years in college busting tail, getting decent grades just for someone else to ask Chat GPT to write an essay on John Steinbeck's Cannery Row when I had to suffer through it!

I would love to see Chat GPT find root cause of quantum fluctuations, aka the stuff that is not on the internet yet because PEOPLE are still researching it!
Chat GPT can go screw


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