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Recurring dreams seem to attack me

cause the rat:
I don't have recurring dreams. I have recurring places in dreams.

There has been a few studies on dreams. Both scientific and paranormal. Depending on what discipline you follow is what answers you'll get. Science admits to be guessing. Paranormal will always claim to be right. Even if they contradict themselves.  :D

Referenced in my quotes.

Varg the wanderer:
Next time you have the dream, look down, then up. What do you see as you're being launched into space?

What do you hear? Are there any sounds/voices?

Jade Sinapu:
I have had reoccurring dreams, they were very vivid and made me change as a person.  They taught me stuff I needed later.  For me it was when I was younger, between 8 and 25.  I am now 41.  But I remember that stuff well.  It is part of me.  I felt then they had meaning.
I payed attention to them, but did not obsess.
When I got  older some things happened and the dreams stopped.

Varg has good advice here.  I would see if I could do what he suggests.

My advice would be,do not force anything, do not obsess, it will reveal its self on its own time frame.


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