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Furry at the Met?

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This caught my eye on the news.  :o
I don't watch all those "gala" events like the Oscars, Golden Globes, Music award shows, etc.
But I saw the following on the news in regards to the Met.
A lot of people were dressing up to pay respects to a fashion designer. But more importantly, a few were dressed up to honor the fashion designer's cat.  :o
If you read the first link article, halfway down the article, Nick Jonas from Vogue said it looked like Leto "had come dressed as a furry".  :D
Got to admit, that cat costume looked pretty awesome. Or would that be pawsome?

Jade Sinapu:
YEP this caught my eye as well.

But what about the cat-woman with prosthetic face applications to make her look feline!
That was Pawsome too!

And if you look to the right in the photograph in the background under the EXIT sign hanging on the ceiling, you can see another person in some sort of cat costume........or maybe its a cat statue? I can't tell due to the blurry background.

Jade Sinapu:
I think you may be seeing the man adorned in silver reflective sequins, glitter, and paints.

cause the rat:
Wondering how he sees through that head? That's got to be some strong clown paint he has on. To stay put in all that heat.


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