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1) Be respectful of the IRC Operators and other users at all times.2)This is split into 2.1 and 2.2. Each only applies to the listed room rating.2.1)For family friendly rooms only:2.1.1) Sexually explicit activity (Yiff in any form) or solicitations aren't allowed.2.1.2) Links to sexually explicit material or detailed nudity (specifically drawn genitalia) aren't allowed. 2.1.3) Sexually suggestive comments, gratuitous/unnecessarily descriptive violence, or profane language ('damn,' 'crap' and 'hell' are acceptable, nothing more) are not allowed on #furtopia or other family-friendly rated channels. Acronyms for phrases containing swear words and self-censored swearing are still considered profane and are not allowed. In addition, no references can be made to any activities that are illegal for minors. This includes, but is not limited to, consuming alcohol, smoking, gambling and sex.2.2)For #6eleventeenr:2.2.1) Sexually explicit activity (Yiff in any form) or solicitations aren't allowed.2.2.2) Links to extreme sexual content are not allowed. 2.2.3) All heavy, adult based RP's should be taken out of the channel and into PM or their own channel.3) Discussion of activities that are illegal at any age (piracy, drugs) and links to sites advocating illegal activities or illegal material are not allowed are not allowed anywhere on the server. We must report discussions of illegal activities to the authorities of our state.4) Before pasting a link to the channel, be sure that all the content that is being linked to complies with these rules and is appropriate for the channel rating. When linking to a video or to music, watch/listen to it in its entirety to screen it and any comments below it for inappropriate content BEFORE linking to it.5) Users under the age of 18 cannot enter adult-rated channels. Users found to be misrepresenting their age may be banned from the server.6a) When creating a channel, you must choose between a family-friendly or adult channel rating. Your rating must be stated in your channel topic, and you must enforce it, by kicks and channel bans if necessary. If you do not know how to do these things, contact an IRC Operator. Channel names and topics must be family-friendly, regardless of the channel's content. If your channel is family-friendly, you are responsible for making sure that the content of the channel complies with all rules, especially rule 2. If your channel is adult-rated, you are responsible for establishing that all users joining the channel are 18 or older and that they comply with all rules that apply. If you have to kick or ban someone for violating a rule, save the logs of the offense and contact an IRC operator, or e-mail the logs to admin@furtopia.org.6b)Operators cannot be blocked or prevented from entering any channel. Deliberately removing or preventing an IRC Operator could result in action being taken against the Channel Owner and/or its Channel OPs.7) Discussions on topics that tend to dominate a channel or may make some users uncomfortable should be moved out of #furtopia to their own channels. Such topics/discussions include, but are not limited to: religion or politics; intensive and/or violent RPs; foreign languages. All debates should remain respectful, and flaming/bashing other users or their beliefs is not allowed. The IRC Operators will determine when moving a topic to its own channel is necessary.8) If a problem arises between you and another user, do not retaliate or otherwise take matters into your own hands. Bring the matter to the attention of an IRC Operator or e-mail weisseman+irc@googlemail.com to deal with the issue.9) No trolling, baiting, or playing the emotions of others. Such activities may result in a permanent ban.10) Do not spam links or flood the channel with excessive, meaningless text that is not a part of a legitimate discussion.11) Do not advertise anything without OP permission first.12) Automated scripts and bots of any kind must be cleared by an IRC Admin (weisseman+irc@googlemail.com) before being used on the Furtopia IRC server.13) Abuse of IRC Operators by users, of IRC Operators by other IRC Operators, or of users by IRC Operators, should be reported to weisseman+irc@googlemail.com and will be dealt with accordingly.14) ALL instructions and warnings from IRC Operators must be obeyed. Do not argue the rules or technicalities with the IRC Operators in any public channel. Being technically within the letter of the law is no protection if your attitude is overall rude, annoying, abusive, and/or disruptive, and ignoring a warning will result in a kick regardless of it being technically a violation of a written rule or not.
Dealing with "complaints and disagreements": If would like to dispute a rule or a request given by a OP, you may ask an OP to hear your complaint privately over a private message. This is your right as long as YOU remain civil and respectful. This does not mean they will debate with you forever but they will hear your points through once. If you still disagree, then you may request that OP or another OP forward your complaint/request to a vote that all OPs will read and vote on. If that decision is negative, then it is to be treated as the final decision for that issue. Otherwise, you will be contacted to deal with your dispute. While waiting on the outcome of a vote you must follow the current instructions of the OPs. This is the acceptable method of resolving disputes with the OPs. Anger or drama thrown into a public channel to try to solve a dispute is NOT allowed and will not be tolerated.
If a rule is violated:
First offense will result in a verbal, in-channel warning.
Second offense may result in a kick.
Third offense may result in a temporary or permanent ban. (For particularly severe and blatant offenses, the IRC Operators may decide that a more severe punishment than usual should be applied.)
If there are any questions or problems, ask an IRC Operator or e-mail weisseman+irc@googlemail.com


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