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Gateway Furmeet 2018. Post con report.
« on: March 19, 2018, 02:10:02 am »
I've been going to our local St louis con from it's beginnings. Wether I'm able to stay all three days or just part of one. The con's first year, 2014, saw 211 attendees and 62 fursuiters in the parade. This year there were 463 attendees and 105 fursuiters in the parade. We also raised $5960.19 for charity AND our con chairwoman donated her hair to 'Wigs for Kids'. You can check out the pictures on their face book page,

If you look at the photos I'm the guy in the gold and black coat.

This convention has has it's rough starts. First the hotel/convention place it was originally scheduled to be at called the board up at informed them the building was going to be raised. So they quickly found a new spot. This place was very small. With little to choose from for food or supplies around. The second hotel/convention space was connected to a casino. More to choose from for food. But nothing you could buy on a budget. The con space itself was cramped with no real room.  Last year there was no convention. So they threw a picnic. It was cool. This year. Night and day difference. Better hotel. Better convention space. And many places to eat within a two mile radius. This was the kind of place that made you feel good. From the building to the staff. You knew this was a special event. From the time you walked in to the time you left.

The con itself ran with few hitches. One even had to be rescheduled and a few started late. But your going to get that anywhere. There was more panels and things to do than at any of the previous Gateway Furmeets. With more people participating at each event. Even the game/chill room got crowded at times. The dealer's den was huge compared to what we've had in the past.

One thing I did notice is there were a lot more kids. We're talking with parents or legal guardians kids. The future of our fandom!

As far as incidences go i heard of a few. But nothing serious. Sneaking into to pool after hours and a game of 'beer pong' played in a hallway. With tables as all. And a few parties went sour or out of hand. One of our DJ's was told he was vibrating the beds on the second floor. AWESOME! I told him he should charge more. Hotels charge extra for vibrating beds.  The only serious stuff was done by other hotel guests. An elevator needed to be fixed. And a few of the guests tried to break into the dealer's den after hours.

All in all it was a blast. Was great to see friends and make new ones. Looking forward to next years Gateway Furmeet!
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