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Just got done watching the Closing Ceremonies video for Anthrocon 2022.
I was very surprised and shocked by the numbers of people that attended for the first year of AC being "back to normal" so to speak after having been absent in Pittsburgh during 2020 and 2021.

9,702 attendees

2,562 fursuiters in the Fursuit Parade. (Though they said in the video this could have been 200+ higher had some fursuiters not missed the photoshoot/parade.

WOW!  :o What an increase. And if AC happens next year, barring any covid issues or anything else, I can easily see them exceeding 10,000 attendees and "possibly" 3,000 fursuiters next year.

Maybe going to AC on the 4th of July isn't such a good idea after all.
Just recently, a guy shot to death 7 people in Illinois during a July 4th parade event.
And now I read on the news that there was another planned attack (which was thankfully thwarted) down in Richmond, Virginia.

Kinda makes you wonder if anybody and anything is safe anymore, particuarly on and around July 4th.  :o
It wouldn't be that difficult to pick off a bunch of fursuiters as they're slow moving targets due to the bulky suits and limited vision. Perhaps Uncle Kage should keep the parade indoors instead moving through hallways and corridors instead of outside. But........who knows what will happen in future years?

AC was spectacular this year. There were some staffing issues around registration that slowed things up a bit, but generally it was the well-oiled machine it always is. I'll be glad when the mask requirements go away, but aside from that it was the same Anthrocon I know and love.

Security presence was also significant around the con; no doubt Kage is aware that it's a potential target (MFF was gassed, after all) so they take every possible measure to ensure the safety of attendees.

Just finished watching the closing ceremonies on Anthrocon.TV site for AC2023.
From what I heard:
13,644 attendees  :o
3,127 fursuiters in the fursuit parade.  :o
$51,000+ raised for the Rabbit Wranglers charity.

2024 next year's theme is Anthrocoaster. An amusement park type theme.
2024 dates are July 4-7, 2024

Fun fact: There were more fursuiters at Anthrocon this year than there were attendees in 2007!

Had an absolute blast, as always.


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