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Change Is Necessary

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Chewy, God of Rats:
Change comes in due time and is inevitable. Time is always marching forward. Furtopia, like many forums' seems to be on a decline especially since the rise in popularity of platforms like Discord. Although, to be fair, it seems Furtopia has been declining long before Discord ever took off. Which brings me to my point of debate here.

As I mentioned, change is inevitable, you can either adapt to change or you will be replaced. Old communities are forums like Furtopia is no different. The writing is the wall here folks, other communities are adapting to changes and working on reviving/rebuilding their community on said platforms like Discord. While Furtopia sits here idling along. Can changes be made to revive this community or will it fade into oblivion?

Personally, I think that the admins should get together and well, first off decide if they still believe in this community and want to attempt a revive, or if they want to let it fade away. And based on their decision either make an announcement on potential changes or make an announcement stating their reasoning for wanting to sit in idle.

Would love to hear your guys thoughts
Please be civil, this is in no way shape or form an attack on this community and or the admins.

The staff have been having ideas on similar topics.

Chewy, God of Rats:
It's great that the staff is having discussions on these topics, would love for other members of staff to chime in on what they would like. Either way, thank you for your reply.

Website forums come and go for a variety of reasons. They all succeed or fail on the following. This can include, but is not limited to the following:

Good or bad membership
Good or bad Moderation and Administration
Good or bad rules and regulations
Good or bad staff
Good or bad website design and functionality

You're right. Furtopia has slowed down considerably in the last several years. It's not necessarily because of any single thing. The Internet and social media platforms have changed drastically over the last 20+ years. Nowadays, people want things better, faster, and easier. They want instant access and they want to connect with other people in real time. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and many others are all the rage right now. Furtopia is a product of a bygone age.

Can Furtopia improve? Can it be updated to keep pace with new changes and developments in the 21st century? I don't know. The only real person who could answer that is WhiteShepherd who created Furtopia so long ago.

While I wish Furtopia could get better and continue longer, I often find myself thinking that maybe it should just close down. It's had a remarkable run of a little over 20+ years and I'm glad to be a part of it. But I just can't help but think that it's now time to retire the place.  :'(  Sorry to say that. But it's true and how I feel.
Furtopia was great in it's heyday. We had things like:
Furtopia IRC (Is this still working or not?)
Furtopia Radio
Free web hosting for furry arts
Furtopia tshirts (I still have about 4 of them.)
I even remember times when WS and Kada-ru had set up visits to hospitals where Furtopian members could visit sick children and give out free artwork and have fursuiters present. Furtopia even contributed to Hurricane Katrina efforts too.

But those "good old days" are long gone. I don't know what, if anything, could be added to keep Furtopia going. But I have lots of ideas on what could be "deleted" from Furtopia. But those ideas I will not share here. Only privately with WS or other staff.

Kay Alett:
Personally I'd like Furtopia to hang around but at the same time I don't think I can justify it.
I used to have a ball here but i don't really chat with the people here like I used to, i miss everyone. But it's also an old site and the days when I visited frequently are gone. And that's sad. But that's life.

Life is change.
Change is the essence of life.
You cannot fight it.
I don't want furtopia to close but it doesn't feel like it will go back to what it was when I arrived and even then, that still wasn't the site's heyday. I came in after what many older members might have called the golden age.

I don't even know if I'm trying to make a point heh.


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