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Mephit Fur Meet is a Go



I have my registration and hotel reservations, so I will be going: Mephit Fur Meet 09/2 -- 09/4 (Labour Day Weekend). The one pecularity is that the site says "Memphis", but the actual location is Olive Branch, MS. Granted, it's just across the state line, but it's still not Memphis.  (:

This is the first MFM I'll be attending, so I'll let you know how it goes.

Jade Sinapu:
Cool Simo! I hope it is a blast!
Remember to hydrate if you are suiting a lot.  I know I should have drank more water myself.



Printed out the schedule, and it looks like there will be loads to do.  :) Definitely avoid dehydration: already learned that lesson.   (:

cause the rat:
Totally cool Simo! looking forward to hearing about it. 


First furcon since '19, as the fakedemic cancelled all of the ones convenient to me. Mephit Furmeet didn't demand that all guests get those Trumpcines; they didn't insist on suffocation muzzles either, and there were few who bothered. Good for me: the air in a fursuit head gets plenty foul without any extra "help". I was also able to find a place to stay for a third of the cost at staying at the convention hotel.

Even though this is called "Mephit Furmeet", implying it's in Memphis, it's really across the state line in Olive Branch, Mississippi. The Whispering Woods Hotel/Convention Center was more than large enough to accomodate the con, with plenty of growing room. This year, there were approximately 500 attendees with 168 fursuiters. Arrived on Friday in time for the Fursuit Meet 'n' Greet with broom ball. I skipped a lot of panels that just didn't interest me. I did, however, meetup with some verterans of Morphicon/AnthrOhio, Fur Reality, and Furlaxation. The letter con ran for two years before it fell apart, unfortunate. Got some bad news regarding Fur Reality: this one got cancelled by the scamdemic, but the hotel refused to rebate them, bankrupting them so this one is done-for. This is especially bad because this con was highly local, literally just up the street.

There were some events I had to miss because it's a helluva long drive, and I just ran out of energy and needed to crash. I did get to attend the "History of Furdom" panel. Unlike one of these I attended previously, this one was informative and not just an "infomercial" for sales in the Dealer's Den. Unforch, the charity Poker tournament didn't go off as its host couldn't make it for some reason.

Saturday was busy with loads of panels and activities. This was also the fursuit parade day. The unusual thing they did here was to hold it at 6:30 -- unusually late. Everyone who participated got these pins. So they know there were 168 participants. Unforch, due to unpredictable weather (and lots of fould weather that was predicted didn't actually materialize) it was held indoors. They could have held it outsoord, but a drenching was threatening with lightning, and cold storm winds even though it blew past.

Spent evenings playing Werewolf

Unforch, I played past 3:00AM, and so decided to leave early Sunday while I could drive in daylight, and remain decently conscious.

Since the scamdemic put a lot of furry artists out of commission for two years, it looks like they're making up for lost time. One pair of hand-paws was selling for $450. Before, you could get partials for that much, or not all that much more. That's way more than I want to pay for hand-paws. Yeay for the seller as he got his asking prices. I did manage to find a couple of vids, and some fursuit freshener spray for more reasonable prices.


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