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Shadows in the machine: A tainted A.I. (shadow A.I. reboot-IC)

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"Titanium alloy huh? Don't think my heavy suit is made out of that. You know I am really good at repairing, modifying, even making new gadgets for my own suit. If you ever need me to, I will gladly fix your armor. Maybe make some improvements? Of course I would only ask a small...price for such a task. Man has to make money any way he can you know?" Sid was thrilled at the thought of being able to fix such unique armor like Tasuneviirs. Even happier that he might make some money as well, a win win situation he would say.

He thought for a second. "Alright. I've never been good at repairing things. Maybe someday I'll let you touch the armor." He looked Sid dead in the eyes. "Whatever you do, do NOT try to wear this armor. It will kill you." Tasuneviir looked out to the city once more. "And I can guarantee you, it will not be a quick death, nor will it be pain free." He took a deep breath. "I don't mean to scare you, just to warn you. We all had to watch a volunteer wear the suit as an example of how careful we must be, even with our enhancements. The armor built for the volunteer tore the poor guy to shreds, crushing every bone in his body. I'll help you stay safe around it if I let you work on it." He looked at him with a smile. "And I will pay you extra because a repair job on this is dangerous. Sound good?"
Added on:
"I want you to know something else too. I was joking! That will never happen to anyone. The biometrics wouldn't let you in, your body won't fit in the suit, and the servos aren't strong enough to do that." Tasuneviir said, patting Sid's shoulder with his false arm.


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