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Shadows in the machine: A tainted A.I. (shadow A.I. reboot-IC)

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"Oh goody do you at least have a leash?" he smirked walking behind him as he listened to him run a scan "Does explain the extra ammo in the armory. So you suggest walking should I remove your weapons to not draw attention? I'm gonna be carring my stuff in a duffle bag." he started to move the door to the armory open and peered inside his left eye checking for heat first then did an xray scan "We can get what we need here and head out. If all goes well should be back in time for a nice cup of tea."

"Protocol reccomends equipping and arming weapons prior to deployment as too much time may be required in an emergency situation." Killswitch replied, stopping in the middle of the armory, his weapon holders clicking open as he laid down.

The Wise one:
Allorah had remained quiet until now. She groaned unhappily. "Will you two just shut up?! I've nearly heard enough of your bickering on the way over here. This isn't some sort of contest. We're a team and I expect you both to act like it."

Hearing Allorah he chuckled a bit grinning "You know I think Killswitch comes with a muzzle...I think it will fit you Allorah." he saw Killswitch open it's weapon hatches "Let me see here." he grabbed the ones sent over for Killswitch and grunted "Damn...little heavy." he put them into place and stepped back from Kill "Ok there you are all set up." he looked through the shelves and grabbed a few magazines for his handguns, walking through the armory to see what else they had "Oh hey clothing as well. Really went all out didnt they?" he moved a few things around before grabbing a black leather trenchcoat and threw it on "Wonder if there is ballistic fibers on some of this stuff."

A polite cough from behind them signified the arrival of one of their government contacts, a tall tigress with plantinum blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Lady Grey. "Now now, come along children, if you dont stop bickering ill be forced to spank you. Now. Your mission. We need you to seek out and retrieve a high ranking member of the shadow corporations inner workings. We do not need a simple shift manager. We need someone who would have command and pull with the company. Do this well, and your pay will be substantial, as well as what im sure will be a deep personal satisfaction at removing a band of criminals from the world."


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