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Title: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: T-Yoshi45 on October 22, 2015, 01:50:31 am
The sun shone brightly today over Manor Blanc, all seemed peaceful. Soon enough however the silence was broken by the sound of several Mercedes-Benz rolling into the grand driveway, each one carrying a lucky guest. It was a very lavish mansion, three floors, exquisite marble and stonework adorning the front of the estate with well-tended flower gardens, certainly a regal place if not a touch imposing. There was also a fountain with a mermaid statue in it in the front driveway. The guests pulled up one-by-one eager to see the beautiful place and to finally figure out why they had been invited to such a wonderous place...Seemed almost too dreamlike to be true.
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: redyoshi49q on October 22, 2015, 04:02:07 pm
Riél was in one such Mercedes Benz.  He spent most of the time sitting in the car with the driver in silence, but he finally spoke up when Manor Blanc came into view.

"So that's the Manor?"

"Indeed it is."

"Seems like the guy really likes to burn money."  There was a pause.  "The Chief sent me off to this thing, you know."


"Yeah, he tried to frame it as a performance bonus at first, and then he brought up the subject of the station's minimum vacation days policy.  Thing is, though, I think he was trying to get me to not put off my vacation days to the very last minute like he does.  He's as much of a workaholic as I am, and he probably wanted the extra time with me out of the station."

"A chance at half a million's a lot for a performance bonus."

"Oh, I'm only getting a hundred grand if I win; the rest is going to the station.  The Chief wasn't going to let all of that money go to me."

"I guess that makes sense."

The rest of the drive to the Manor took place in yet more silence.  Upon arrival, Riél exited the Mercedes before being let out and closed the door behind him.
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: Jacoby Quinn on October 22, 2015, 05:09:58 pm
Ashen had refused to ride in the rear and be chauffeured, instead he sat in the passenger seat, staring calmly out the window until the manor came into view. His ears perked up and it seemed to catch his interest, but he stayed pretty quiet, other than "Manor Blanc right?"

"That's the place sir"

"Please, don't call me sir"

He stepped out of the car stretching, his shirt rising to expose a well toned midriff with hips that looked more at home on a woman. "God it took forever to get here, all the way out from Pittsburgh"
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: T-Yoshi45 on October 22, 2015, 05:48:00 pm
Soon enough two Identical Benz pulled up each letting out a single passanger.


"Can tell you haven't seen the high life much, little lady."

"You don't even know ze half of it...If i win zis money, i'm bringing my family to America. Proving zat my star vas brightest all along. I gotta vin this."

"Wow....zis is too good to be true." the purple raccoon said as she stepped out taking in the lavish surrounding, "Thank you very much sir." waving to the driver as he left. She showed up wearing her waitress uniform, a white and light blue collared shirt with a gray skirt and light blue heels, her hair tied back in a ponytail. "One step closer papa...one step closer..."


"Aw, damn. Hope i can preform for someone on this level of acclaim someday."

"So...what did you do for a career again?"

"Ballet dancer...i know, i know, girly as hell but I get quite the audience! If i wanna win i wanna go abroad and maybe preform for royalty!"

Soon enough Leon's car pulled up, He stepped out with a smile. "Thank ya much miss!" The white Wolf/otter hybrid stood proudly, wearing a black sleeveless shirt with baggy dark pants and a black and green skull necklace on an old chain around his neck. "I'm ready for whatever they can throw at me."

(In the interest of time, mingle for the time being i'll add the npcs as everyone else intros)
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: The Wise one on October 22, 2015, 06:03:20 pm
Alda sat in the benz quietly for a short while until they pulled into the driveway. "Ya know? I might consider you as my personal chauffeur. Beats riding a taxi all the time." She got the driver's information after some hesitation on his part and she stepped out, looking upon the manor with awe. "Gorgeous," she said beginning to walk towards it. She was ready for that half million. If so, she could drop some of her clients and have more free time.
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: T-Yoshi45 on October 22, 2015, 07:28:56 pm

"Hmmm...can hardly wait!" Riley said as his Benz pulled up.

"You seem confident don't you? A brash and headstrong young man."

"Of course, considering where i was and where i am now...I'd say i can do pretty damn well in this here game."

He got out of the car with a thud of the door smiling, "Have a good day." he took a deep breath, smiling as he looked on at the visage before him. "If i win...i wanna buy a mansion like this...maybe better, who knows?"

(Everyone feel free to mingle, helps to pass some time while the others intro)
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: Jacoby Quinn on October 23, 2015, 01:19:39 am
Ashen watched as the others arrived, lounging on the steps in a somewhat suggestive position. "So, does anyone know what this contest IS? like we are obviously going after the money, but what are we doing to get it?"
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: Doc on October 23, 2015, 03:09:35 am
Lance sat in the back seat of the Mercedes-Benz. He stared out the window while clutching his sheathed sword tightly in his left hand. The world rushed by as his mind raced. I wonder how this will all play out... The Mercedes-Benz pulled up to the entrance.
"Alright, bud. Ride's over." Said the driver.
"Anybody I should talk to?" Lance asks.
"Not that I know of."
Lance slung his pack over his shoulder and threaded the sheath through his belt.
"Thanks for taking me here. Have a good day." With that, he shut the door and approached the guests.
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: Gauthar on October 23, 2015, 05:10:05 am
As the car drove down the lane of the manor Rouen was looking around at the place. "Some people just have too much money if you ask me. If they were in my shoes for a week be dead in a day." he chuckled a bit as they came to a stop. "Thanks for the drive." he opened the door and got out, leaning into the car he grabbed a large dufflebag and moved it over his shoulder with ease as he used his hips to close the door. Looking over the place with his eyes he looked towards the others that had already arrived there. Seems he was in for a fight for this prize, walking up to the house he dropped his duffle beside him with an audible thud "How many more are coming here?" he used his large left hand to brush his hair aside as he licked along his lips some his eyes looked at the doe and tried to place her "Wait a second arent you that talent agent?"

Another car approached the manor as a whistle was let out "Damn, this place is pretty big. Heck even if I don't win I could make a killing betting with this rich person and his rich friends." as they came to a stop she opened the door and dropped a cigarette butt out, stepping out onto it as she stood up putting up a hand to block out some of the sun "Ah...hope he doesn't mind smoking in the place..will suck trying to find my way outside here." her eyes looked around the place giving a wave as the white of her fur was dyed a pink color this week. Her eyes looked at Rouen and thought for a few seconds before she pointed at him and at the top of her lungs "ROUEN! YOU LOST ME A LOT OF MONEY YOU ONE ARMED BANDIT." her fur raising up a bit as she let out a grumble
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: The Wise one on October 23, 2015, 08:21:57 am
Alda looked at Rouen with a curious glance. How did he know her? She shrugged off the thought quickly thinking her fame must have preceded her. She opened her mouth to answer Rouen before this woman starting yelling at him. She quickly closed her mouth and observed the newcomer. She then quickly began to question and wonder why everyone else was in for this money. But one thing was for sure. She had to win this.
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: T-Yoshi45 on October 23, 2015, 10:49:47 am
Riley went up by Ashen "I wish i completely knew, i know we're hear to play some kind of mystery game with five hundred thousand dollars in it for the winner. If i win, maybe i'll buy a mansion like this one...maybe better, who knows." he snickered. "Hope the backyard's real big, i'd love to sunbathe a bit."

Leon overheard talent agent and moved into the group near Alda. "Someone say talent agent?" Leon inquired. He brushed the dust off his pants, trying to look presentable. "Well, i am a ballet dancer if you're looking for some new faces to add to your little black book."

Helena took some time to take in the visage of the mansion in. "This would be a wonderful place to try and draw." Helena opened her suitcase, pulling out a sketchbook and pencil. She sat on the lip of the fountain and began drawing Manor Blanc. "If only i could get a closer look at ze gargoyles on the top level. Ah well, once we get inside i'll be sure to get a look."
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: Doc on October 24, 2015, 03:08:28 am
Lance unzipped his hoodie a little bit. Warmer than he expected here, but with fur as thick as his he would be warm everywhere. His fingers idly tapped the hilt of his blade and he wondered if the rich person I'm charge of the place would let him keep it.

He wandered toward the gardens to look at the flowers. Far too cold for these where I'm from he thought. He drew his sword and studied the intricate rune like design he had cut into the steel when he pulled the blade from the fire. He remembered how proud his dad was when Lance presented the blade to him. He remembered the blood, sweat and tears required to forge a blade as legendary as this. He carefully sheathed the blade and returned to the fountain.
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: redyoshi49q on October 24, 2015, 03:56:43 am
Riél turned between the panther he supposed to be Rouen and the shouting husky.  Not knowing the history between the two, he then spoke to the latter.

"You're accusing this guy of theft?"

(*edit: grammar fix*)
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: Jacoby Quinn on October 24, 2015, 04:41:58 am
"I would like the winning very much, would help me with a few problems in my life" he sat down on the steps again pulling a book from his bag and reading it.
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: Gauthar on October 24, 2015, 10:54:30 pm
Blinking as he was suddenly being yelled at, he turned to see the small husky woman there. "Err?" he tilted his head a bit "What do you mean I lost your money?" Rouen cracked his neck turning it a bit "I dont even know you."

Hearing the other ask if she was accusing the guy of theft she grumbled "Well not per say but, this one armed bandit lost me a good chunk of change when he went back to the fight scene missing an arm. You used to be good then I guess your ego got the best of you." she said as her fur fluffed up a bit as she walked up towards him "Why would you make that assumption you would do any good with a missing arm?"

He shook his head as he looked at the woman as she got closer "I didnt want to lose the one thing I was good at. Besides even with one arm I was still better then half of them, just took time to get used to one arm." he said as he rolled his eyes at her "Now I didnt lose you anything if you bet on me you did the bet." He grabbed his bag "Now if you'll excuse me."

Her eyes widened a bit as she felt she was being blown off..she knew it wasnt his fault. She knew the chances of betting and just lost that time. However she just felt a bit upset seeing that bet sent her into a spiral of losing. She balled her fists as he said excuse me "No excuse me." She reared back and lunged forward throwing a fist towards his stomach

His tail swished behind him a bit irritated about being blamed for something he had no control over. As he waited for her to move he watched her lunge at him. Lifting his arm fast in front of him he used the bag to block her punch and growled at her

Hitting the bag she felt as if groaned some it felt like a damn sack full of bricks. Pulling her hand back she grumbled at him
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: redyoshi49q on October 25, 2015, 01:12:17 am
Riél's expression became palpably more grave upon realizing the frivolity of the husky's accusation.  Upon seeing the husky accost Rouen, Riél approached the two, speaking in a sarcastic tone while engaging in exaggeratedly slow applause.

"Congratulations; you've proven yourself to be the utmost paragon of functional social interaction, bar none."  He then grabbed the husky by her shoulders, stared straight into her eyes, and spoke in a serious tone.  "It's time you stopped acting like a five year old, ma'am."  After a brief pause, he pushed her lightly but callously away by her shoulders and walked off behind her a short distance.
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: T-Yoshi45 on October 25, 2015, 11:15:17 pm

"Eh, i've done some questionable stuff in my life." Riley responded "I'm kinda just lucky to be alive...surprised I even finished high school." He unzipped his jacket and threw it over his shoulder, revealing a tanktop showing off his muscle tone from his abs and shoulders to his arms. "When are we even gonna get to go inside come to think of it?"


By this time Helena had a rough sketch of the front of the mansion "Ohhh...i wonder what the inside looks like? Surely it must be fancy, lush carpets, fine oak furniture with cashmere cushions..." she seemed to be daydreaming a bit.


Leon decided to knock on the door "Hello? Anybody home? We're here to play the big mystery game...the one for a half a million dollars..." he sounded like he was trying to be sarcastic.

As everyone else was mingling and getting a scope of the others, four more Benz pulled into the drive way.


"Man...that's a lot nicer than some...well, actually all the mansions i've slept overnight in. Considering they were all abandoned and haunted."

"Looking for the change of pace then?"

"Well that is nice but hey...half a million dollars is quite the motivation is it not?"

The red panda stepped out of the Benz as it stopped, her heeled boots clicking as she walked. "Have an awesome day!" she shut the car door, her bangles clanking together. She wore a black tank which was slightly short on her with black jeans and a brown vest. "This should be fun!"


Cheryl looked out at the mansion, a stern look in her eyes "Remember...this is for the kids. For Gary...for Sarah..."

"Kids back home, eh?"

"Yeah...first one from a failed marriage...second from the fiancee."

She stepped out as the car pulled up to the mansion. "Enjoy your day sir." She wore a blue tubetop under a suede jacket with dark jeans and wedge heels, and for being forty-five...didn't really look forty-five between her fairly smooth skin and many tattoos on her arms, neck, shoulders and hands.


Mark looked on at the mansion happily "This is nice, quite quaint in fact...seems like a great place to go and forget..."

"Why? You trying to forget things?"

"Nah...Though i need this change of scenery. Being in the medical field can be very stressful after all."

Mark felt the car stop and slowly stepped out, he waved to the driver as he drove off. "Alright Mark....this is it, this is where you get everything back in order...this is the beginning..." The red wolf wore a pair of jeans with a green button-front shirt and nice brown dress shoes.


"Well, this is quite the assignment..." Marie said looking onward at the imposing mansion.

"You said you were a cop, right?"

"Yeah, got my invitation here first day on the job...kinda strange but hey, maybe this is a welcome to the force gift for all i know."

The cardinal walked out of the Benz in a knee-length brown dress with a gold necklace and heels. "Thank you very much sir. You stay safe now!" she said as the driver drove off.
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: Jacoby Quinn on October 26, 2015, 12:36:52 am
Ashen simply watched all this, looking entertained. until Riley took off his jacket. That definitely caught his attention "What do you mean by questionable? I could really tell you a few stories if you're interested, I uh...I guess we could knock on the doo? I don't believe i've seen anyone do so so far"
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Post by: Natura Wolf on October 26, 2015, 07:04:38 am
The patter of his feet were beginning to drag along the warm gravel of the roads as the white wolf pressed on under the burning sun.  The Arctic Wolf puffed silently to himself trekking gradually passing the turfed moors gathering into large swells of rolling hill tops.  His green vest and dark trouser were lightly damp with the sweat pumping down his working body.  A green puffed up backpack dangled slightly, clinging into the wolf's shoulders.  He felt no regrets though, the black cars seemed a smidgen of mockery and would of left a bitter taste in his mouth.  Still they served a purpose as each one passed him in the direction he was heading, only confirming that it was the right direction.

The breeze picked up slightly, fanning his fur with fresh air as his temperatures calmed.  His eyes relaxed at these blissful strokes, reminding him of an innocence within him that could behold the beauty surrounding his footsteps.  He longed to return to that state someday, to break down the iron walls that boiled his passions into charcoal flames, smogging his rationality with bull-headed stubbornness.

He growled as his memories whipped into unwanted territories, lashing throbbing pains of anger towards people.  He marched on over a small lumped blind summit fuelled with raw energy.  A sigh of anxiety forged from the base of his belly as the mound exposed the distant manor.  He pressed on with a greater beating of his inner drum, jogging on with the flurry of butterflies that flapped to the hammering down upon the base.

Time passed significantly as more cars passed, sparking an enthusiastic flame to chase them down as he raced on towards his enclosing destination.  His ears pricked up, mused by the soft mumbling of the trickling fountain.  He hastened for as long as his beating heart could will it before the flames burnt out, stalling him into a lazy trek for the remainder of the way.  Sounds of talk rippled along the fountain before the reveal to the front of the manor filled with guests.  His eyes were more focused on the rich minerals ejecting from the fountain as he did not hesitate to reach his arms in.  The water was cool, sending soothing sensations down through his body becoming aware of the aches of long journeys.  He cupped his hands and splashed his face in rejuvenation, congratulating his victory on his voyage.  Repeating over and over he finally takes a swig of the cold refreshments and takes his last deep sigh for the moment.  The White Arctic Wolf had made it.
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: Gauthar on October 27, 2015, 08:20:12 pm
Rouen chuckled at the Husky as he began to move his bag down to the ground letting it go again "I didn't have an ego trip...nor did I tell you to bet on me. That was your mistake and the reason I went back is because it is all I know." he watched as the black male wolf began to talk towards the husky. He was giving her a piece of his mind though, hoped the wolf knew what he was getting into with the husky's already shown bad attitude

Elis looked at Rouen grumbling as he spoke about how she didnt need to bet on him and as she went to reply she felt her shoulders grabbed and face to face with a black wolf. Sarcasm dripped from his words as her fur was standing on end, she tensed up as she glared into his eyes. The moment she was pushed aside her eye twitched "You..dont ever touch me. OR lecture me like you are my father." She balled up her fist again and lunged at him "Gonna break your arms when I'm done."

As this was going on Rouen watched the people knocking on the door and asking about the contest. His ears began to twitch when he heard more cars approach. Watching more people get out of the benz he watched each one closely before his eyes went to seeing a white wolf run up and straight to the fountain next to them. He was splashing his face with it and looked as if he had been on a long run. Opening his mouth to say something he saw the attack on the black wolf, he moved fast for his large size and ended up behind Elis "Behave...now Lay down." He moved his arm around her neck twisted around  and flung her over his back. Letting go of her after he got her over he sent her flying into the fountain

The moment a large arm wrapped around her neck she tensed. When she was told to lay down and behave she didnt even get a growl out just a loud yelp as she went flying head over heel into the fountain splashing water. Sitting up in the fountain she sputtered and coughed a bit...it was ice cold and she shook a bit "I..hate...all of you."
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Post by: Doc on October 28, 2015, 12:36:55 am
Lance was sprayed by the splash of water, but he didn't care. He stood from his place next to the fountain and dug a soft towel out of his pack and offered it to the lady who was thrown into the fountain. She didn't want it, but he helped her out of the fountain and draped his towel over her shoulders anyway. "Go ahead and keep it," Lance says in his naturally deep and gentle voice, "you might need it again." She thanked him quietly and Lance nodded and took his spare towel out and dried himself off. He returned his items to his pack and sat by the fountain again.
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: redyoshi49q on October 28, 2015, 02:33:25 am
Riél somewhat expected the husky to be upset by his demeanor.  He had also somewhat expected the husky to become physical in response to his lecture, which is why he turned around as he heard the husky's tone escalate.

What he didn't expect was for Rouen to intervene and stop her assault on his behalf.  He saw the husky's punch come within inches of his jaw before she was pulled away by the panther.  As the husky hit the fountain, Riél let out a sigh, shook his head, and approached Rouen.

"Protip: avoid excessive force in your martial arts; it helps to save you from personal injury lawsuits.  Yes, aggressors can and do win those kinds of suits.  You have to use this muscle, too."  As he said those final words, Riél gave Rouen's forehead two taps with his pointer finger.
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: Natura Wolf on October 30, 2015, 01:24:34 pm
Natura gazed his head up just as a miniature tide ejected onto himself in a chilling force.  His body shivered upon the contact as he takes in a low growl from the overbearing of cold water.  His eyes shot to the source of the spray, finding a drowned looking Husky being aided by a timber wolf.  It suddenly dawned on him that this atmosphere certainly wasn't a peaceful one, deceptive by the fresh grounds that surrounded them alluringly.

Natura's paws padded himself down, brushing away the loose drips of water away from his soaked clothes and fur.  He immediately retrieved his backpack away from the fountain, relieved to feel it's familiar dry fabric.  Shaking the rest of the water off, his attention passively moved to the group as he studied around, quietly wondering who he was meant to contact
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Post by: Gauthar on November 01, 2015, 01:38:00 am
(sorry been busy irl to reply and a side note to all please dont rp my character responding to your character. It is a massive pet peeve of mine)

Rouen chuckled some after the husky hit the water "Hmph isn't right to attack from behind." he said towards the husky before he heard Riel speak towards him "Hmm? Oh yeah I guess so but, to be fair she attacked first what I did was nothing more then defending someone." he chuckled as he felt the poke to his head and tilted it some "I use it, just someday I just react. Being a former prize fighter does that do someone." he held his paw out to him "Name is Rouen underground Prize fighter retired."

Sitting there she spat to the side as she started to get up, as the timber wolf tried to help she growled at him "Touch me I'll break your leg." she stepped out of the water and began to shake herself dry "I really need a hot shower after some big THUG threw me into the water." Elis began to wring out a bit of her clothing and saw the towel offered to her grabbed it drying her face "I guess while we wait we should at least get to know each other's names I'm Elis Professional gambler. Won two world poker tournaments, always up for a good bet as well."
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Post by: Jacoby Quinn on November 01, 2015, 07:47:34 am
(i'm just sitting here waiting for t-yoshi to reply)
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Post by: T-Yoshi45 on November 01, 2015, 05:13:52 pm
(Forgive the delays, work and we had visitors in from out of the country.)

"Yeah, we should at least try i suppose." Riley answered. He noticed Ashen giving him second looks "And don't worry i'm used to getting looked at being a model and all..." As Riley knocked on the door it creeked open "So...i suppose we're to just let ourselves in?" he said confused. There was a tray of full champagne glasses. "Whoever it was...looks like they rolled out the welcome wagon."

suddenly two panther girls, one in a blue dress and one in a pink dress opening the doors all the way. "Please do forgive us...I'm Rachel and this is Claire..." The one in the blue dress answered. She spoke up "Please everybody...come in! We have a royal reception for you!"
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Post by: Jacoby Quinn on November 01, 2015, 06:34:08 pm
Ashen blushed a little "yeah, sorry about that, couldn't help but notice" He got up from where he was lounging and looked quizically at the panther girls, one ear perked up and the other laid flat.
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Post by: Doc on November 02, 2015, 02:15:13 am
Sitting there she spat to the side as she started to get up, as the timber wolf tried to help she growled at him "Touch me I'll break your leg." she stepped out of the water and began to shake herself dry
On that note,

Lance backed off, apologized, and toweled himself down while returning to his place by the fountain.
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Post by: The Wise one on November 03, 2015, 07:43:17 am
Alda was about to mingle with the others, but noticed far more aggressive acts than passive ones. This made her decide to just observe quietly instead and she would just try to talk to them individually. Maybe she would find some talent for her agency after all. She walked inside after the two panthers had greeted the group and was one of the first to make it inside. "So... how does this game work may I ask," Alda asked curiously to the two panther girls. "I know the prize, but not quite the rules."
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Post by: Natura Wolf on November 05, 2015, 11:46:47 am
Ears of the white wolf pricked up to the opening of the main doors as the two panthers appeared in earnest.  He offered his full attention with a familiar smile of greetings before entering.

As he entered his head darted about the main hall, picking up the details, the doors to rooms and how it was all delicately designed to last generations.

His attention roamed with his eyes while his mind glistened with the small bursts of enthusiasm in his curiosity.  As he approached the panthers he offered his hand and gratitude to their hospitable nature.
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Post by: redyoshi49q on November 05, 2015, 11:28:14 pm
Riél looked at the paw that was presented to him, and then back at Rouen.  He responded without shaking the paw.  "Riél Santos, master interrogator."

Riél then turned his head upon hearing the sound of the front doors opening.  "I guess the party's finally gotten started."  With that, he then turned from Rouen and started making his way inside.
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Post by: Reverb on November 06, 2015, 11:33:05 am
(Forgive me for the delay. Life hit me in the face recently and I wasn't able to sit down and type a reply.)
James tapped his paw lightly on the arm rest of the car door in excitement for what was awaiting him at the manor.

"You seem quite excited, sir." The driver stated

"Of course I'm excited! I mean, why wouldn't I be? There a huge some of money waiting for someone to grab."

"What would you plan to do with the money if you won?"

"Well, for one... Actually... I have no idea to be quite honest. I guess I'd just figure it out as I-Whoa..." James cut off his conversation abruptly as he looked out the window at the manor
"Is this guy serious? That place is huge!"
Once the car pulled up the manor, James tumbled out of the car, waving a farewell to the driver, before adjusting his black tie and purple shirt then walking towards to the others.
Title: Re: The Tale of Manor Blanc (IC)
Post by: Gauthar on November 08, 2015, 08:48:41 pm
Rouen heard the other call himself a master interrogator and didn't shake his paw. Gripping his knuckles as the other went by he chuckled as he heard popping of his knuckles "Yes, it seems the party is getting started Riel. Good luck." he walked over to his bag and grabbed it heaving it up and walked towards the door. His eyes looking at the interior he tilted his head a bit "Place is a bit fancy...who needs all this space unless you put it to good use?"

Elis was drying herself some and heard the door opening, walking over to her small bag she grabbed out a pack of cigarettes and zippo lighter with a poker chip etched into it "Lucky my smokes weren't on me." she lit up and started towards the door slowly. As she walked she kicked her leg to the side to shake off some water "Let's get this over with, sorta rude to be left on the doorstep for a bit."
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Post by: Jacoby Quinn on November 08, 2015, 09:08:22 pm
Ashen grabbed his bags, a collection of three rather nice designer leather bags, before coming inside and grabbing a drink. He drank daintily even though he was horribly thirsty.
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Post by: Doc on November 09, 2015, 12:49:01 am
Lance grabbed a bottle of water from his pack and stood. He walked towards the door of the building, sipping the water from time to time.
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Post by: T-Yoshi45 on November 22, 2015, 08:46:51 pm
(Alright, skipping time a little bit here. Wanna get to the good stuff.)

"We don't have all the details ma'am. We know it's a game of solving crimes but that's all the details we were given..." Claire answered to Alda. "Alistar would know more but...he's prettying himself up for the guests. Excuse him it'll not be long."

After a while everyone was in the main foyer, sipping champagne and taking in the luxurious ambiance. Velvet couches and chairs, jade and pearls sculptures upon solid oak tables complete with a grandfather clock on the back wall. The floors were pure marble save for the exotic rugs adorning it.

Helena seemed to walked about sketching the little carvings. "Wow...and zey said heaven could have not existed in earth..."

Leah, Mark and Leon were sitting on a couch conversing as they sipped their champagne.

Cheryl was busy investigating a pearl carving "Mystery game, huh..." she said to herself. "This should not be a problem to me..."

Marie Was sitting in a chair, drinking her champagne quietly and Riley was stretched out on the chaise lounge. He seemed to be off in a bit of a dreamworld...
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Ashen had changed into a  silver silk kimono, with a bright green belt. It hung suggestively around his shoulders as he lounged on a futon, appreciating the red wine he had requested "god I needed a vacation, What about you guys what do you do for a living?"
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Lance sipped at his champagne while sitting at the end of a futon. He carefully removed his sword from its sheath. "I occasionally craft a blade for those who both want one of my blades and can afford it," he said, sheathing his blade. "I design and improve computer parts, such as the motherboard, for my monthly income. It is kinds wierd, I know. Smithing swords one day and building a computer the next." He took another sip of the champagne, which he was beginning to like. "What champagne is this? I must get some when I return home."
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Leah, Mark and Leon turned their attention to Ashen.

"I know right?" Leah answered. She took a swig of the champagne in her hand "I do paranormal investigation for a living. Abandoned hospitals, old mansions, derelict war ships...I've slept in a lot creepy places in the name of looking for ghosts. Learned some interesting tales though it all like the people who lived there, patients and nurses in the hospitals i stayed in...creepy yet incitful at the same time."

Mark seemed to just keep drinking, obviously getting a bit lost in his own mind

"I'm currently a ballet dancer, been on broadway once or twice actually not to brag..." Leon answered standing up. "I haven't had a lot to drink...If anyone wants i suppose i could do a little dance for everyone...got little else ado in the interest of time." he stretched a little to warm up should anyone say yes to his offer.

Riley caught a glance of Ashen in his robe "Oh hey, i've actually modeled robes like that before...And well...less than that. But no need for explicit details, not right now. Long story short i'm a model...everything from fancy suits to underwear and in-between..."

Helena noticed Natura off on his own. She thought maybe go talk to some of the people more on the fringe, might be some interesting stories to hear. "Ummm...hello zhere. I noticed you off on your own...i'm kind of ze quiet type myself as vell. So...what's your story?"
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"I'm a talent agent if you couldn't already tell from how I was talking to my driver. Any kind of talent I find worthy I'll book ya a gig," Alda said as she looked to Mark. She noticed how off in his in thoughts he was. Which albeit was a bit strange, she shook her head and looked to Leon. "Oh. Why don't you do a dance then?"
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"Mmmm, I'm just a janitor, but I mostly do that so I have something to do" he looked over to Riley, putting on his most seductive face "Living alone can be so...very... lonely "
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Leon smiled "Well i suppose if you're insistent." he answered to Alda. He went over to the gramophone and put the needle on, it was a minuet playing "Alright, i can work with this. Gimme a little space people." Leon took a second to stretch out his legs and then began. He began slowly with an arabesque and a few turns then transitioning to some more daring moves and some more contemporary style as well finishing with a quad axle and a fluid bow. "So...input anyone?"

Riley snickered "Could you lay it on any thicker, dude?" but he grinned at Ashen. "But i suppose if you're dying to see me in something...less, i suppose we can meet in my room afterwards..."

Mark clapped as Leon finished seemingly snapping out of his sync-out for lack of a better term. "That was actually very well done. Bravo!"
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Natura stood gazing from a corner of the room, The home was a beautiful distraction with the fine decor to the craftsmanship of stone and marble.  It was beautiful, yet left a bitter sting of his current position, and the large rooms shrank him down to a lesser breed.

His ears pricked up to catch the subtle footsteps of someone approaching, his head swivels to see Helena making her way over.  The white wolf smiled pleasantly with a small incline of the head to gesture friendly acknowledgement.

"Stories?"  Natura asked with a partial daze in his question.  His mind shook back into focus as he grinned wider.  "Well now lets see.  I am Natura, I'm a Gardener to the lands, preserver of life sower of seeds.  I'm also a traveller, through mountains and rivers, tis taken a journey to be here."  His voice irie to the strums of his melodic narration.  "How about yourself dear miss?" He offers the question back with a gentle bow.
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(*Sorry for being so slow in making a reply here.*)

Riél sat in the reception area of the manor, leaving the champagne untouched on the platter.  His ears perked upon hearing the words "game of solving crimes", and he scowled in agitation.

"Is this my boss's idea of a joke?  I'm gonna murder the cheeky dolt when I get back from this..."
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Lance applauded Leon's dance. "Got anymore for the public?" He asked, sipping his champagne.
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Setting the champagne to the side as he wasnt much of a drinker he asked one of the panthers to bring him some water or juice. He rubbed at the back of his head as he heard the others speaking of their jobs and one even doing a little dance "I used to be a prize fighter for underground fights. Was pretty good till well." he pointed at his missing arm and chuckled some "Anymore I come up short handed..." he lowered his ears at his own bad pun before turning his head cracking his neck "Anymore I help at a gym."

Rouen received a glass of water and took it up sipping at it "If I won would get a new arm metallic and spend the rest fixing up the area I grew up in."

Elis changed out of her wet clothes and was down with the rest of them, now sporting a black leather corset top and a skirt that came down to just above her knees, being barefoot now as she looked around sipping her champagne "Blah never understood this fancy stuff, a shot of tequila is what I prefer to this sparking urine." she set the glass aside as she grumbled a bit. Her ears perked up at the question of what others did and seeing the one dancing she tilted her head "Fancy." she smirked as her eyes looked around the room "I guess you can call me a professional gambler, won two poker tournaments and do pretty well for myself."
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At this point Marie and Cheryl joined in the conversation

"i'm retired military, I served ten years in the Army as a sniper." Cheryl said removing her jacket, showing the various tattoos on her neck, arms, and shoulders varying from animals and gold stars most likely for kills to her children's names on her forearms and an angel on the top of her left forearm and Saint Joan on the top of her right. She then turned her attention to Marie "You like you could be Law enforcement there..."

Marie giggled a little "Actually i'm a buyer for a boutique. Deciding what goes out on the shelves and whatnot.Where else would i have gotten this nice little number here." Marie spun a little showing off her dress.

Mark finally joined the convo "I'm a dentist for my sins as some put it. For sure not a fun gig but it pays the bills and then some." he said with a cool shrug.

Leon took a minute to respond "Well...i suppose if everyone's just dying for some more i guess i can keep going." He asked one of the panther girls to bring another record and when she came back he began another dance, a bit of a slower one with more elegance and refined movements.

Helena smiled at Natura, with a little light-hearted giggle. "You seem like quite ze person...Kind of like i am, a stranger in a strange land." she took a second to speak again "Well...I was born in Romania to a musician father and my mother who vas an industrial plater. I grew up in kind of a bad neighborhood, zere vas a lot of violence and my papa didn't vant that for me and his family. Vone day he told me he'd won a greencard lottery but it vas only good for one person...He took me to the shipyard and told me my star was brightest. He told me to find this land called America and bring them here someday. I came here vith seventy-five dollars and a cardboard tube of my paintings."
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A small smile pulled at Ashen's mouth as he hid it behind his glass of wine, turning away his eyes away from Riley, watching Leon dance, "I might dance, but I'm not dressed for it." he shifted backun his seat, getting more comfortable, revealing that he was wearing little, in anything other than his kimono.
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Natura listened intently, engaged to the bittersweet story of this young lady.  He could pick up small traces of a melancholy counter melody buried beneath her thick accent.  Instinctively his paw lightly touched hers in compassion.

"All parts of the world comes with it's virtues and faults young lady.  I'm sorry to say that to escape one only guides you deep within another and this land is shuddering vast with the fault lines that crack around us."  The wolfs ears folded back, his eyes, a mixed brew between the hot temper from his recent events, to a swell belongingness from feeling lost.  His eyes peered back into Helena's, shielded by a sincere smile.

"They miss you I dare say so, and if you can ride these untamed lands, then I have no doubt in revealing that you will see them soon and tip the favour of circumstances to a beloved ending on this chapter of your families life, and raise another."

The gentle wolf retrieves his hand and passes a pleasant smile, almost carrying traces of fondness behind the curves of his lips.
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"Oh. Terribly sorry. I forgot to introduce myself," Alda said with a chuckle. "The name's Alda Baren. Talent scout and agent," she said proudly. "But can I just say that this is quite the mix of backgrounds we got going on here."
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Mark nodded with Alda "Yeah, thus far we seem like a diverse crowd. Varying walks of life and whatnot, gotta say i'm glad the ballet dancer came cause this is quite a show." Mark took a second and sipped at his champange again. "So Alda...what's the biggest gig you've ever scouted for? I'm sure you have quite the repertoire."

The record shifted to a sort of waltz and with this Leon picked Marie out of the crowd. "Just follow my lead dear," With that he began spinning her around in-between his graceful movements as the record played. Marie smiled as she got involved in Leon's dance, giggling a bit as they went.

Helena smiled. "I know Natura...i like to think there's a reason for everything that happens. Even if it is not clear right away." she took a better look at Natura "Hey, after this little meet and greet wanna explore this place together? I'm sure there's quite a bit more to be seen."

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"Diverse backgrounds indeed" He lounged in his chair, moving with his back against one arm and his legs dangling over the other "Now if only we knew why we were here" He'd come to terms with why he might be here, but  he'd also made peace with showing up.
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"Eh, all i know is it's got to do with some kind of mystery solving." Cheryl answered to Ashen. "Granted the circumstances for this seemed a bit...out of place so to say. Random letter from out of nowhere, no return address no anything...just that and a Mercedes-Benz showing up to pick me up and bam i'm here."

After the dance concluded, almost as on cue...someone came walking through the front door, surfboard in one arm and duffel bag in the other "Hey, party people!" said the rockhopper penguin said as he joined the group. "So, here for the mystery game or whatever it is i'm assuming..." asking the question generally to the whole crowd.
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Natura took the request with a soft touch of a warming smile as he bowed politely for formalities.
"I would like that."  He said gently.  "Perhaps the there is a small treasure to be found upon the garden grounds."
The wolf then turns his head to the surrounding people dotted, his eyes focusing for a moment on the eccentric dancer.  A flutter tickled his heart as he watched the body of this creature change and alter shape with little effort and much grace.  A quiet sigh puffed his cheeks in adoration before diminishing back into his natural gaze.
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*Shortly after the gathering had gone inside the manner, a last Benz pulled up. Kira had sit in utter silence throughout the whole trip, unnerved by the stranger in the front seat. Back home after she had decided to accept the invitation she had many second thoughts, but when the luxurious black car pulled into her driveway, her curiously whimsical nature made up her mind once and for all*

*As the car came to a stop she cautiously exited, bowing to the chauffeur politely before closing the door and turning to face the glamorous estate. A gentle breeze blew by her and she thought to herself how nice it felt and how beautiful the scene was. She wore a simple black turtleneck, a short, ruffled red skirt with black lace and bows, black canvas sneakers along with warm black gloves, white leggings and a white scarf*

*As she approached the door, reaching out to knock, she froze. The lingering thought of new people and foreign surroundings suddenly gripping her in nervous tension... As usual...*
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The door opened for Kira, a panther girl in a pink dress greeting her. "Hello, my name is Claire. I'm one of the house servants here at Manor Blanc. Please do come in and make yourself at home." waving her into the manor.

Helena noticed Natura looking on at Leon's dancing "You are one who can appreciate ze finer things in life i see. I remember when my papa took me to see ze ballet when i was a little girl. It vas...quite the magical experience." she looked over to see Kira walk in "Oh hello! Please, don't be a stranger...ve're all just getting introduced."

The rockhopper penguin just sort of barged into the larger crowd of people "So hello everyone. Name's Jeremy, i'm usually found on the beach catchin' a wave or two...actually it's my job."

Leon preceeded to sit back down next to Alda "So...did that impress or what?"

Marie smiled, drifting a little bit away from the crowd and closer to Riel's direction. She could tell something was a bit...different about him. Something he wasn't saying, kinda like what she hadn't said about her job...
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*Before she even had the chance to gather her bearings, the door opened. She hadn't been expecting it and she staggered back with a gasp and her hand on her chest, breathing heavily* Ehehe thanks for the heart attack... *She forced a smile at the finely-dressed panther and followed her inside*

*The scene inside was extravagant and loud in a sensual manner, the colors and banter more than she was used to. In a slight daze Kira hadn't noticed Helena look her way at first, but when she spoke Kira returned her gaze* O-oh good morning, you must be one of the other guests? Seems there are many... *She fidgeted with her scarf shyly and looked down at the floor*
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Elis watched people busy with other things, she rolled her eyes as she went over looking at a few trinkets on a shelf. When the door busted open cause of a penguin she grabbed one of the trinkets and nearly flung it at him. Oh he was gonna get a beating later. She steadied her hand as she set the object down breathing slowly he spoke of the contest and if they were there she almost shouted at him ~No we are robbing the place and you caught us in our down time~ but she kept her mouth shut...walking over to sit down on a cough by herself she put her feet up on the other side "Ugh this is boring."

Rouen sipped on his water as he looked around the room. Dancing still going on, a new person arriving in a loud fashion, people idly chatting "Huh...if this is a social experiment on people from different class groups/society settings on if they can get along I rather leave now." he leaned a bit cracking his spine before hearing the door open again and a female walk in. He looked her over and went over to her extending his paw gently towards her "Ello miss..Name is Rouen."
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Helena noticed Rouen approaching Kira in the small group that'd seemed to form off to the side. She looked over to Natura "Vell...seems We've formed our little...ummm...how does vone say? Clique?"

Cheryl could barely stand all the boisterousness that had erupted with Jeremy's arrival as well. She sat in a chair by the couch Elis was on "So...can't stand the peanut gallery over there any longer as well?" pointing out the main group in the center of the grand foyer they were in.
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H-hello Rouen, it's good to... Meet you... *She trailed off as he had extended his paw to her, hesitantly she took it gently and looked up at him with curious interest hidden behind her shy outlook* I'm not very good with new faces, p-please excuse my unease, I mean no disrespect... *She bows to him with an apologetic bow*

*At a glance the foreign girl seemed to fit in but her being over here with the "misfits" seemed unusual, making Kira's curiosity flare. She was always like this, the bold curiosity and timid reluctance always fighting a fierce battle in her, making her head spin at times*
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the wolf smiles vaguely to Helena's phrasing.
'cliques are very dangerous when formed.'. his smile muses a little wider.  'I would suggest a more harmonious term such as Fellowship'

The white wolf gave a respectful nod to the newcomer offering a warm-felt paw.
'Do not fear these faces, your are in a company of strangers beside strangers.  we are all familiared in your position' Natura finishes with a kindhearted gaze
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Ashen's eyes flickered to the new girl "You're late" He had finished his wine and grabbed a book, and after he spoke returned to it, largely ignoring the others.
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Elis eyed Cheryl nodding her head "Everyone is all over the place, dancing in one area, talking the next. And some surfer "Dude" came busting in. Makes my head hurt." she turned some on the couch looking fully at Cheryl "In truth I wonder if the full extent of this is to see who wont walk out tired of the no show person who put this all together. Winner is who can stick this out the longest." she chuckled some moving her hand out to the other "Name is Elis if you didnt catch it earlier. You are?"

Showing lots of restraint he softly grasped the extended hand and shook it gently in return shaking his head at her shyness "No, it is perfectly alright miss. When one is in a room of strangers and one of the biggest walks up to the newcomer missing an arm it is intimidating." he let go of her hand as a white wolf came up beside him, he looked at the one saying she was late and chuckled "In all truth it seems we are all fashionably early. No host to greet us, maids attending to our needs. I have a feeling this person who set this all up knew we would be waiting a long time." he looked at the wolf next to him now...seemed a bit weird how he totally went right past him and right up to this new girl he smirked and took the paw offered to the girl and gave it a firm shake "Name is Rouen nice to meet you mister."
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"Cheryl...Cheryl Straton. Retired Army and all that great stuff...Nice to meet you Elis." Cheryl shot her eyes around a bit "The invite said it'd be a crime-solving game but it's seems like it's turning into some trashy candid camera show featuring a room of overinflated egos." she took off her jacket draping on the back of her chair. "Damn i want a cigarette right now...five years clean and this collection of nutjobs make me wanna relapse! Or a stiff Old Fashioned...that'd be so nice right now."

"Ah yes, fellowship...i like zat wording!" Helena answered to Natura, giving a playful nudge on his shoulder. She then turned to Kira "How rude of myzelf...I'm Helena. Nice to make your accquaintance umm...what's your name again?"

Leon noticed Ashen speaking to the newcomer. "Eh...take it easy dude. For now...life is all good, not a care in the world at this moment."

Suddenly as they were all convening, a panther in a white coat began walking down the grand staircase in silence.
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Lance had left the group of people he was sitting at and went over towards the bar to inquire about the champagne. He couldn't obtain the information he wanted, so ordered another glass and started to return to his seat. At least until he saw the panther in a white coat descending the grand staircase. Lance stopped in his tracks so suddenly, he could feel a cold liquid drip onto his fingers. He didn't know what would happen next, but he just knew something was about to happen.
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*Kira seems to calm down a bit, Natura's way with words very soothing to her.* O-oh... *She smiles warmly towards him*

*Turning away for a moment, trying to regain her composure, she then was about to respond to Ashen with some playful sarcasm but looks back to Rouen, impressed* That is very true, isn't it? *She sits in a chair across from Helena, still a little dizzy from all the faces and friendly gestures and shaking of paws*

*Her attention is immediately drawn to the intriguing figure on the stair case, portraying great curiosity and not meaning to ignore the friendly faces around her* W-who could that be?
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As the panther in the white coat reached the bottom stair a bell rang throughout the house, getting everyone's attention as he began to speak "Greetings, cherished guests, i hope you've all found your accommodations...adequate. My name is Alistar...i will be your butler for the duration of your stay here at Manor Blanc..."
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*Although it may not have been intended, Kira felt the bell to be somewhat ominous in the large space, though still maintaining a sort of regal presence. As the panther became closer and easier to see, his words sunk in for a moment and she wondered. He had said he was the butler, so was this mysterious man not the host? Kira lounged, feigning to be uninterested, preferring someone else to take the initiative*
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Alistar simply walked to the center of the room "Well...good to see everyone is getting to know one another, some better than others i can see." looking at the various little groups that had formed around the room. "But anyways, i'm sure you know Rachel and Claire by now. We'll all be tending to your needs during your stay."

Cheryl simply glared across the room at the main crowd. "Getting to know one another...yeah, sure..." she said under her breath. "These people are crazy..."

Helena looked at the little group around her that'd formed with Kira, Natura and Rouen. "Not so sure about the rest of ze room but we seem to have gotten acquainted."

Alistar started up again "But all kidding and pleasantries aside...I'm sure ya'll are mighty curious as to why you're all here. For now we'll all disband and get settled in a bit, feel free to relax in your room, meet with your new friends in private or even take a gander around the manor but when the bell rings again at the quarter of the next hour we'll reajourn and truly discover why you're all here...but for now, i must bid you adieu..."
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"Huh. Interestin. Well I sure hope we find out. Otherwise this would be even weirder than we first arrived," Alda said looking around. She realized she hadn't really made any friends as she observed the talent. "Oh. Well... I guess I'll take a nap. It was a long ride here," she said walking upstairs to a spare bedroom.
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Looking at Cheryl as she spoke about being retired army and talked about the crazy people making her want to smoke again or a nice stiff drink "Well I can help with one." she took out her pack of cigarettes and held them out to Cheryl "If you want that is." as the new panther appeared she looked up at him, then yawned a bit "Yeah get to know people...all the fun." she took a cigarette herself and lit it up as Elis set the pack down in case Cheryl would like one. As they had a bit of time to kill she blew out a bit of smoke "I wonder what they have at the bar want a drink?" she looked at Cheryl and smiled

Rouen looked at Kira go to sit down, he looked around the room it did seem people navigated to their own little places. As the other panther came down the stairs and a bell rang out he tilted his head and spoke softly towards Kira and Helena "Would either of you like to talk a bit? I wanted to walk around the place and would like someone to accompany me."
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ashen slunk over to riley, whispering into his ear /"they said we have some time, and you mentioned something about a private show?"/
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Well, something certainly happened, but it wasn't quite as exciting as Lance had hoped. Oh, well. He sipped the champagne and grabbed a napkin to wipe the champagne away from his fingers. After that, he went off and explored a bit.
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*Kira's attention drifted from the panther as he mostly had concluded his short introductory and welcoming. She was caught a little off guard by the seemingly noble Alistar's speech patterns but her attention was now directed towards Rouen, trying her utmost best to be calm and collected.* I think that would be a fairly pleasant... Distraction... From the tight crowd and loud merry. *She offered both him and Helena a warm smile as she slowly stood.*
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The white wolf listens to Alistair with direct curiosity as he remains silent through the past few moments, almost in contemplation of the thoughts in his mind.  It suddenly occurred to him after time that someone had spoke to him, he gazes to Rouen and bows his head.

"I'm so sorry I was completely blanked out there.  Incredibly rude of me, I am Natura, the one giving himself a rather rude impression."
He offers his bow with anxious humility of his rudeness
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(*...Yeah, I'm a bit behind on this RP again; I've tried to work my IC stuff in order to catch my character up with everyone else chronologically.*)

As he sat in a tranquil, somewhat contemplative state of mindless people watching, Riél eventually noticed the cardinal heading towards his direction.  It struck him as odd that someone was, for apparently arbitrary reasons, paying him so much heed.  After his vision went slowly down her form to her feet and then slowly back up to her face, Riél spoke to his new acquaintance.  "What's up with you?"

As he finished uttering his query, he found himself interrupted by the bell and address of a well dressed panther.  At the conclusion of the speech, Riél found himself to be somewhat annoyed, and he complained in a not particularly directed fashion within the cardinal's presence.

"You'd think that someone with the resources to organize a contest of strangers, a fleet of luxury cars, and a manor's staff would have some clue as to how to disseminate information in an effective and timely fashion, but I guess that's a problem you can't throw money at as easily."  He then continued with a somewhat subtle undertone of sarcasm.  "Maybe they should hire someone to explain how to hire people who can do that kind of stuff, but they'd need to hire someone to explain to them how to do that first."