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Title: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: T-Yoshi45 on January 07, 2016, 10:44:03 pm
It had been roughly a year since the Kings and Queens had supposedly went into hiding. It seemed like a typical day for the small military group, they were taking inventory of a weapons shipment consisting mostly of ammunition but with some good guns and weapon parts sprinkled in here and there. Little were they aware of what lurked nearby...the all but forgotten about Kings and Queens. This was gonna be their grand return to the rebellion to free Iterius. It was a windy day which helped mask what little noise the group made as they snuck closer inch by inch to the military group getting ready to strike.

Their young but surprisingly centered leader Blades stopped the group for a moment "Remember everyone...we want the supplies. Lethal force is allowed but don't forget killing isn't our primary goal. I'd much prefer to keep this run as clean as possible...Got it?"

(Okay Tren, Wise, Furenzied...intro your people and do your stuff! It's finally time!)

Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: The Wise one on January 07, 2016, 11:16:01 pm
"Eh. These people deserve it for what they've done to our city," Wise said from the back as he finished off a cigarette and smeared it out with his boot. "They had it coming before they took my arm away," he said checking to make sure his weapon had a round in the chamber. "But I can try to keep it clean. But they manage to get shots off all safety for them is off the table." Wise made sure to stand in front of Leilani as a sort of bodyguard to her, of course to protect her from harm that came her way. Sure she was trained by him combat-wise, but she was still a child and children make mistakes.
Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: Jacoby Quinn on January 08, 2016, 08:03:08 pm
(where's the ooc? any way I can jump in?)
Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: T-Yoshi45 on January 15, 2016, 12:45:56 am
(Sorry dude, can't take on more people for this one. Roster's full up)

Blades simply seemed to center himself as they began to slowly advance to the edge of the camp "Remember...keep the collateral and casualties to a minimum, more supplies we haul and the less blood we spill the better but someone gets in your way, you drop 'em and worry later." He had Tan's old staff at the ready which he'd taking a shining to in their 'quiet months' as he called them.

Leilani followed right behind Wise "Don't worry Wise, i'm not just some burden. I got your back." she pulled out a pistol from her leg holster, she'd been trained and wasn't afraid to use it or her four barreled sawed-off but preferred using her magic. Her water whip was an effective knockdown tool.
Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: HazardJackal on January 15, 2016, 08:11:14 pm
(Even though T-Yoshi's post would slightly change how my characters would react, since i was in the middle of my own post i'm just going to act like my post came before his... like it would have if i had finished this when i was SUPPOSED to. :P)


(This is a reboot of the original K&Q, so we're sticking with the old crew from the original, if only for the sake of consistency.  Sorry.)

When Blades mentions not using leathal force, there is an explosively loud reply over the radio from another white piece.

[Murven-Radio to Blades, yelling]: Bashing heads is what i'm GOOD AT, pretty boy!  I'LL rough em up, take the heat off ya, ya HEARIN ME?

Were it not for the wind, the shouting would have certainly blown the group's cover.  Murven's voice is followed by a much softer, calmer voice, though her words held a sharper message.

[Jemeni-Radio, it's clear she's holding herself back]: Murven, if there's a plan, you have to STICK with it, not just nod along and disregard it once we ge-

[Murven-Radio, the snark is strong with this one]: I'M SORRY little goodie two-shoes, but being HIGHER RANK doesn't mean you're the BOSS!  Go pick on someone your OWN size, pretty whiskers!

Jemeni sighs and ignores Murven.  She, like many others, had learned long ago that winning an argument with Murven was damn near impossible.  She creeps around the corner of the building and levels her rifle at one of the guards, cursing lightly under her breath.

Xaela, as usual was lagging a bit behind, making sure that the group hadn't been followed.   She double-checks her AR before taking the safety off and moving up to the rest of the group.  She slinks up behind Wise and puts a hand on his shoulder. 

[Xaela, quietly]: Just tell me where you need me Wise.

Xaela has a serious look in her eyes, as if all of her combat training was building up to this exact operation.  Taking another man's life, Tyvus or not, was not a trivial matter in her eyes, and she would take every possible measure to avoid unneeded casualties.

(Also, judging by everyone who's here, i'm lead to believe that this is a White Piece raid, without any Black Pieces.  Might be best to start out simpler that way.)
Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: T-Yoshi45 on January 16, 2016, 01:13:09 am
(Good idea Tren, let's not overcrowd the pool just yet)

Blades muttered over his radio ear piece. "Uhhh...Damnit Murven...Exactly why i'm the White King. The damn voice of reason in this little ragtag band...And thanks for keeping it together Jemeni. Glad to have you on board." He then clicked over to Xaela "Nice to see you Xaela, ready for our little...opening act? I'm sure it'll make the front page after all." chuckling a bit "But all kidding aside, stay focused and remember to keep the killing to a minimum people." giving a message over the radio. He began to creep closer to the edge of the camp, staff at the ready. "Okay Wise, Xaela, Leilani...stay close but not too close, don't wanna give them a bigger target to hit...loose grouping." He flicked his radio back on "Jemeni, You're on overwatch. In Murven's...umm...chaos for lack of a better word, Find a vantage point and keep an eye on us...take a cursory scope of the place as well, maybe get a beat on the supplies."

Leilani continued to follow behind Wise, listening to Blades' strategies. "Alright my king, i'll give it everything i got." she took the safety off her pistol and had her free hand pulse with water magic ready to form her signature whip.
Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: Furenzied on January 16, 2016, 11:42:33 am
Markus nodded, twirling his throwing knives  as they crackled and sparked at his electric touch. "Nothing a little shock therapy can't fix. They even point a gun in my direction. I'll just cook the powder in their magazine's. No bullets, lower casualties." Markus said to himself as he went over the plans in his head. "Let's get this done, bout time we get back to work."

Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: T-Yoshi45 on January 16, 2016, 11:46:49 am
"Nice to see you here Markus." Blades said. "Oh yeah everyone, i forgot to mention Markus is joining us on this raid for his special...abilities. Remember Short...keep an eye out for that power box. Cut off their power, they can't call for help."
Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: HazardJackal on January 16, 2016, 06:00:12 pm
[Xaela-Radio to Blades, she doesn't sound too happy about the news]: That's not exactly a small detail to forget Blades, i believe you should at least inform us before making that kind of decision.

Xaela turns off her radio and scoffs before turning to Wise. 

[Xaela to Wise, she's not hiding any of her frustration]: What good is a voice of reason if they have no reason to their decisions?  The risk doesn't outweigh the reward at all here, i don't understand the logic behind working with people we clearly know are unstable and dangerous.
Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: Furenzied on January 16, 2016, 06:49:44 pm
Short nodded and closed his eyes as he sighed. "Yes...finding it won't be too difficult, draining it should be easier." He said as he concentrated on the area, obviously looking for or tracking something. "Alright...ready to rock Blades." He said with a soft smile.
Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: The Wise one on January 17, 2016, 05:22:33 pm
"Yes... I agree," Wise said with a nod. "The black pieces are unpredictable and bringing them on a planned mission doesn't help our cause. Nonetheless, just make sure they do not get in our way," Wise said to Xaela as he readied his rifle. "They're only good for suicide missions. Just as unpredictable as them."
Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: T-Yoshi45 on January 18, 2016, 12:00:15 am
"Good to hear Short, do your pieces proud." Blades answered, giving him a reassuring pat on the shoulder. He then switched to his comm-links "Alright ladies and gents, time for Operation: Opening Night. Everyone to position and be ready on my mark..." he'd supplied each group with a smoke bomb that shot out large clouds of colored smoke. "...Smoke bombs at the ready..."

Leilani heard Wise speaking about Short and the other black pieces. "Just calm down a bit Wise...you always think the worst will happen. We gotta at least get along if we wanna get anything done at the end of the day."
Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: The Wise one on January 22, 2016, 01:01:59 am
"Somebody has to think of the worst things that could... or very well might happen. Else we get too confident or oblivious to what's going on. So I will do as I please Leilani. Just stay out of the line of fire and form the support formation with me."
Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: T-Yoshi45 on January 22, 2016, 11:10:43 pm
Leilani merely sighed "Don't worry Wise, like i said...I got your back..." she had been trying to get Wise to see there's more to life than war and whatever's waiting around the corner to try and harm you but it doesn't seemed to have worked yet. Maybe one day...She readied her water whip, a glow of energy at her left hand's fingertips.

"On my three people...one...two...three!" Blades chimed over the intercoms, tossing his smoke bomb into the compound letting off a rainbow of colored smoke. "Everyone, gas masks now and head in! Operation: Opening Night is a go!" he threw the gas mask on and headed into the smoke.
Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: Furenzied on January 22, 2016, 11:19:06 pm
Short nodded and slipped on his mask before dashing into the smokey cloud. He smiled as his fur bristled with static, small arcks of electricity sparking across them. Staying low and keeping quiet, he skulked toward a junction box he sensed, careful to stay behind the lead and not make himself a huge target.
Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: HazardJackal on January 30, 2016, 01:52:21 am
Murven charges into the smoke without hesitation, or even taking the time to put on a mask.  He's also yelling about something or other, not that anybody here would care about it, even if they were OLD enough to remember!

[Murven, You can hear him above everything else]: FOR THE COLLAPSE OF 2175!!

Murven's war cry is shortly followed by two gunshots and the panicked screams of Tyvus' underlings.  Murven responds to them in kind.

[Murven, still somehow yelling above the noise]: How'd ya spoiled brats like a couple'a lead slugs for breakfast!?

(Murven's battle cry is accurate only assuming that the timeline has not changed since the original K&Q, which states the the RP starts in 2217.)

Jemeni stays outside of the chaos as she was directed, keeping tabs on any enemies who may try to flee the area.  As much as she'd like to teach Murven a lesson in following orders, she had a job to do, and that was her first and only priority at the moment.

(Xaela is still going to follow Wise's lead, so i don't have anything to add for her until i know what Wise is going to do here.)

Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: The Wise one on February 20, 2016, 01:21:22 am
Wise turned to Leilani and made sure hers was strapped on tight before he tended to his. He readied his weapon for full fire and followed behind into the front lines, charging with his weapon ready to shoot.
Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: T-Yoshi45 on February 20, 2016, 10:58:10 pm
Jemeni could see the variety of colors as the smoke bombs detonated, hearing the coughs and yells of the soldiers below, some yelling out of panic others barking orders to limited success even hearing a panic shot or two from the dead middle of this encampment.

Blades saw now was the time to start knocking them down. He began with some of the runners fleeing in a panic, staff at the ready. He began with a Fox, Male roughly mid-30's tripping him and slamming one of the metal balls on the end into his leg to break it. "Just stay down..." he uttered moving to the next one, young Otter girl. She pulled a knife and managed to get Blades on the arm before getting whacked on the back followed by a kick to her side "Forgive me..." finishing with the last furson in sight of him, a male deer. The deer pulled a pistol on him but only fired one shot before getting his hand sharply struck, dislocating his wrist. He dropped the gun and put his hands up in a plea to live "Respect..." Blades muttered picking up the pistol as he ran deeper into the smoke "Jemeni, what's the status from where you're standing? Are they fleeing or they hunkerin' down?"

Wise could turn to see a small group of roughly fifteen soldiers headed their direction, mostly armed with assault rifles but unclear if they had any kind of body armor on or not. Leilani had a pistol in her right hand and her water whip conjured in her left. "Look alive Wise...We got'em runnin' up quickly..." pointing towards the approaching group.

Title: Re: Kings and Queens V2 (IC)
Post by: HazardJackal on March 12, 2016, 09:22:04 pm
Jemeni does her best to make an assessment of the situation, but as she was not given any equipment to allow her to do so, there isn't much she can do.  She yells to Blades through the radio, as the noise has picked up.

[Jemeni to Blades, she sounds quite annoyed]: Blades i can't see crap out here, the smoke is covering the entire area!  [She growls a little] Whose idea was this again!?

Meanwhile Murven is having a very good time, though the soldiers that have to deal with him are certainly not.  He has carved a bloody trail towards the center of the base, and he seems to have little intention of slowing down.

Xaela is waiting in Wise's move, though she is unsure if Wise was going to give the approaching soldiers a fair chance to surrender.  After all, the three of them could simply misdirect this group while the other white pieces did their job.  Just slaughtering the lot of them without any warning had a strong taste of dishonor in Xaela's eyes.