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furson's weapon of choice?

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Logic, and if that fails, Azarian Dreadnoughts.
"Plan B? Orbital bombardment! I mean, you should have figured that out by now."
"... I meant for the dessert menu."
"... I know."

Marc has his brother's athame, given to him after his brother gave up Wicca.
Alexandre has a cane-sword that he got for his Oscar Wilde/Victorian Gentleman costume left over from Halloween.


Relative to size, I have the most powerful bite force of any big cat.

I have claws over two inches long.

I can kill small prey with a single swipe.

I don't need your stinkin' weapons.

Tiger tank / mg42 / 9mm luger

Serra Belvoule:
I use martial arts.
Or maybe some bladed weapon ranging from twin blades to 2h Sword.
Or a lance/pole.
Those are the weapons I handle IRL anyway.
Maybe magic and/or archery too?


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