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Jade Sinapu:
Also, I had hoped that since (apparently) some herbivores like canine teeth and the concept of being devoured, that there might be mention in Beastars of the the following concept.
Herbivores that die (naturally) can donate to carnivore food programs or enriching soil.  There would be a group to oversee this happens naturally.
And all carnivores can choose to feed carnivores (has to be regulated and certain restrictions) and there is a strong push for carnivores to "enrich soil".  This way , hakuna matata, the circle of life!
But they CAN eat meat this way.

I know that the sea people, with their ways, do allude to providing them all with fish as the meat source.  But what if someone tires of feesh.  aka Black Market!

Also about Melon, were they saying his mom molested him?  I figured that, but want to see what others thought of that.

And how are the other characters doing?  Panda Psychologist, crazy female rabbit, as well as Legoshi's college friends!
What of Jack?
(he is probably going crazy humping now that he is out of college and was so repressed)
 :D :goldlaugh: :orfox:

cause the rat:
Jack. Now there's another story that went no where. Dogs wee bread to be smarter so Jack was taking special classes. And what about the Cat who was trying to kill off all the hybrids. There were so many story lines that hit dead ends. It's like they took the time to trough all these no were stories to stretch the manga out instead of adding to it.

I'm wondering if the manga and anime turned out feeling rushed because of their association with Netflics.

Jade Sinapu:
I figured more would come of Jack the Labrador since he was so smart too.  I figured he would use his brain to solve some big issue in the end.

I liked his character and was distraught at the concept of him killing him self using those onions.

cause the rat:
That whole episode with Jack was deep. He wanted to die because he couldn't cry for his best friend. If you take this manga apart and view it's content in pieces each piece was a work of art. Unfortunately each piece is a portion of a separate work of art. Jumbled together. What we all ended up with is more like viewing the bottom of a trash can.  Another story line that had no impact. How both predator and prey first agreed to live together. How did that change to the social system they have now? The could have left all this out and spent more time on the actual story line.  The manga was chuck full of filler material.


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