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Rocket T. Coyote:
"Military surplus is your best buy"--or something like that--was a slogan once heard with regard to excess military goods released for purchase on the civilian market. A great source for camping supplies and collectibles. Military surplus could be found at "Army/Navy" Stores in many a town across the land, especially near a military base. Do you have any experiences with surplus military goods?

cause the rat:
Great places to find things for camping. We have one about forty miles to the east of me. Wife and I were avid campers. OK, almost campers. As long as there was a toilet and a shower I was happy.  Been so long I don't remember what we bought there. But do remember it was really good quality at a good price.

Jade Sinapu:
I bought a few ammo cans because they were water tight metal boxes. But they were expensive because they were connected to firearms.

Mostly I do not shop at military surplus stores.
What I want is a good true 100% wool blanket. Assuming they still make those.

Rocket T. Coyote:
Growing up we had a "Mill End" store downtown which had a lot of milsurp. Bought a couple anti-exposure suits and a C-ration brownie that was pretty good actually. They also had plenty of ammo cans. A few years before they closed forever, there was a ton of stuff from Europe--Germany especially--East and West. Gas masks, web gear, medals, badges, helmets and wool blankets. You could find the store's six-toed cat easily, she would camp out on a stack of blankets.

Jade Sinapu:
Do they still have radium-dialed or at least glow-in-the-dark lensatic compasses at military surplus?
(I live near a military base, but don't know what we have around here.)
I used to use one of those compasses as a little kid and had a lot of fun with my brother wandering through fields and woods, until they became a city.


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