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Jade Sinapu:
I will see what we can do.  For now I will just get there, and see what happens.
She is into Anime and comic cons, and such.

Jade Sinapu:
Well it happened.  The convention I mean.
The room magically had 2 beds when we entered.  Weird.

She turned out to be a man hater.  I got a lot of awkward unwanted talking towards by her regarding how she does not like any amount of body hair on men,  how certain tones on voice are bad etc.

I have body hair. And deep voice. 

She also ranted on how a man is always stronger,  always this, always that,  and how the world is run by privileged white men.  Etc.

I grew up poor-ish.
I am white,  I was born that way.
Can't help it.

Anyway it was awkward.

But the convention was a blast.  And when she left early leaving me with no handler,  it got better. 

Did 2 raves from 9pm till 2 am in full suit.
Met good furs, watched a concert.  Watched fursuit dance competitions.

Ate real food after she left,  not croissants and tea,  and actually bought a piece of art or 5.

I missed the therian panel, but had to go home.

I have photos I might try to upload.

Kay Alett:
Well glad you had fun after that girl left. As for stuff she said I'd wonder why it matters to her if you have body hair or not.
I mean yeah, i too don't like body hair but when it's on someone that I'm not sleeping with who cares?

You and her aren't sleeping together so why should she care?

cause the rat:
AWESOME! Glad you had a great time Jade. Sounds like the con was a blast!

From the sound of it I'm also glad you ended up with two beds. All I can say is good luck to her.  Strength and body hair is a natural part of biology.  :D

Jade Sinapu:
She and I are still friends, and we went there not as a couple etc and had no expectations of anything other than fun.  IDK why she talked about that stuff.  Oh well.

Again , convention was good.


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