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Least favorite Thanksgiving dishes?


There are foods we like on Thanksgiving and then there's foods we don't like.
So just out of curiosity, what foods do you NOT like during Thanksgiving holiday meal?

I'll start. I'm not a fan of the following. Won't eat them at all or if I do, it's very, very little.
Creamed corn
Sweet potatoes
Cranberries/cranberry sauce
Green bean casserole
If it's any vegetable other than kernal corn, carrots, or regular cut green beans, I won't eat it.



I like most of those choices, although we usually serve corn pudding instead of plain ol' creamed corn. The veggies I always avoided were the mushy, overboiled (yes, Grandmother used a pressure cooker that guaranteed slimy, muchy, tasteles veggies from which every bit of nutrition was boiled out.) slimy veggies. That especially applies to ocra. YUCK! There is nothing that can improve ocra.

cause the rat:
Anything that has to do with potatoes that isn't mashed, baked or fried. Don't all rotten my potatoes.
Boxed stuffing. I know it takes up to six hours longer to cook a fully stuffed turkey. But that's the only way I'll cook one. Even have to cook the onions, carrots and celery (mirepoix ) the night before. I made stuffing with home made bread once. The flavor of the bread was to strong. So I make it with the store bought bread from now on. The turkey itself has a better flavor when stuffed. One thing I'll never do again is cook turkey with wine. For some reason that's not a good combo.
Turducken. Nuf said.  :D

Cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie

Rocket T. Coyote:
Sweet potatoes


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