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escaped Florida tiger killed

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Fox G4:
Poor tiger.    I remember seeing a clip on the news with a reporter talking to its owner, and he was in tears. But, I can't say I blame the officer that shot the tiger either. If a tiger lunged at you and all you had was a shotgun and enough time to react, what choice would you make?

I know still, that instead of a firearms at all, just tranquilizers large enough to put an elephant out cold in a second flat should have been used. At least that wouldn't have killed the tiger. But in the longrun, I'm completely against the private ownership of large exotic animals anyways.

Some good news?

Yes, that is a Serval cat. What had happened (from memory) was an exotic pet breeder sold this woman the cat. The breeder had done background checks on the lady before letting the cat go, but made a mistake. The woman broke up with her boyfriend shortly afterward and went to live in her car with the cat. Last I heard, she didn't get the cat back, and they were deliberating on whether or not the breeder would get the cat back either.

The macaw was actually found walking down the side of a road... and the area wasn't unknown for wildlife on four legs...

Anyway, I thought it'd be nice to post some good news about lost beings here.

Like Caligula... Eww... *shudders*
Very evil man.
His daughter was worse.
His sister was pretty creepy too..

*shudders and hides* o.o;;;

Just saw on MSNBC thats florida police shot and killed Bobo the the escaped tiger...According to the report Bobo lunged at an officer and plans for tranquilizers thrown out and the tiger was killed.
What are florida laws pretaining to exotics?

IMHO exotic cats should NEVER be kept outside certified zoos. If a 'pet' escapes, 9/10 it gets killed. The worst was when I heard about Amur leopards that escaped and were killed...and those are really rare cats   Not to mention the severe inbreeding and sometimes cruelty that happens to exotics  


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