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Hey I was wondering, what type of clothing would collars go under? Casual? or everyday things like a watch? I am thinking of getting one.

I wouldnt say that they were casual, coz not many people wear them, but i've seen a few goths/emo's wearing them, so you might get away with not looking to out of place.

If you are known for wearing things out of the ordinary, then you could pull off a collar. It all depends on your area's social norm and how they accept things that aren't socially common.

Well, all of my friends know I am a little strange sometimes  :P But I belive in free expression and I really don't care what  the "norm" is.  but I think I will try a collar and see how I like wearing it out in public and such. 

I was gonna try a tail, but i know i'd be stabbed where i lived :D


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