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New anime community group. READ FIRST


Welcome to the new Anime Community Group. This new sub-forum has been created for the discussion of anime tv shows, movies, music, characters, etc. After discussions with the staff, It was decided to add such a community as a lot of members seem to be interested in anime, plus the fact that the furry fandom has some of it's roots not just in sci-fi, but anime as well. ;)

As this community is new, Please report any bugs or glitches to the staff immediately so we can take care of any problems. If anybody has any questions on anything, then please PM a Mod or Admin.

Also, some topics may or may not fit in this new community. For example: Discussing a anime convention could get posted in this forum or it could get posted in the regular Convention forum here:
If anyone is unsure where to post something, then please PM the staff and we'll help you out. :)

One additional staff note: Just a "pre-emptive" warning here, but please do not discuss anything illegal (encouraging/advocating) when it comes to anime. This can include, but is not limited to: Copying, Pirating, Bootlegging, Torrents, etc. Posts will be edited and/or removed at staff discretion if such discussion is found.

EDIT: When posting an anime topic, please try and do a search first to see if there is already a topic started on the same/similar subject. Doing this will greatly help in preventing too many duplicate topics and having topics locked. HOWEVER......Please also be aware of Rule # 15 here about gravedigging:,20851.0.html


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