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Expressing furriness in public.

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The Fox Man:
Ok. I don't have the money to get all the furry accessories, and I have to admit I'm really shy about the whole furry thing, but what do you guys think about expressing furryness in public (tail, ears, etc.) :D

I'm in the same boat here i always think that people would respond badly but id b intrested to find out how it would go

I know some people will wear a kind of choker or leash, or literally a dog collar. A fancy necklace can sometimies look like one.

A former friend of mine wore a cats bell once. Looked so cute!

Other than that, you could always wear furry themed socks.
Sure no one would notice immediately, but it would satisfy (partially) the need to wear something furry in public.

Well, I normally wear a collar, and sometimes ears in public,  and all I get are complemnts and questions.

well this has already helped me out  :)


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