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*grumbles incoherantlly for a minute, then orders a drink*

A well hung fox enters,dressed in a variety of unusual clothing, and with an evil butterpack of doom and a large sword strapped upon his back... Has he enters he unslings the items, causing them to fly 3 feet across the room and hit a drunk chainsmoking pilot kangaroo, at which point a loud 'OW! what the heck!?!' emits from the drunk figure...He then resumes to take a seat next to the pilot-roo which he thinks looks like Julia Roberts with epilepsy and skin cancer."

Barkeep! Plain ol' beer, please.

Gah, whens this meeting gonna start anyways...it was supposed to start almost an hour ago!

"if it started an hour ago you would of missed it stupid!" *smacks blue

Kris Fox:
The halfling looks at the Roo and the Little fox roling around on the floor.  Cant beat free entertainment,  the halfling Kitsune thinks to himself.

((sorry guys.. some of us dont get on here that often, so please go slow of us, thanks!)

.: finaly omi stood up and moved over to the table where the others were gathered.. he looked at each one in turn with his one cristal eye. he then cleared his throte to speek. the voice that flowed from between his lips was not like that one would expect but instead soft and smoth like vanila .. :. yes.. is this all of you? hmm i seems the others did not make the cours.. so that makesyou gentlmen the best of the best...

now then im sure you are couris as to why i summoned you here to day.. its simble... The Elisian Crystal... thats right, the fabled crystal of hte after life...


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