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Hello guys and girls! I just got promoted to Watcher. *Great big bear hugs to all the other watchers, admins and mods* I promise I won't let you down ^_^

Well then, I'm The bear guy, (Really imaginative name I know XD) Usually just Bear seeing as there aren't many bears here. I'm 17, Living in the North West of the U.K. My first and mainly used fursona started out as an RP character and is an old fashioned British, anthro brown bear. I joined up at about the start of the year but I have always loved animals and fursuits and cartoons since I can remember.

My main hobbies are, Furtopia, (Of course  (: ), sketching and drawing, Animation, reading, playing RPG's and FPS's, And playing around with shazam for ages, just a little bit fascinated by it.

Right now I study, Biology, Computing and Business at college and hope to be in university soon ^_^

I will probably add more later but, for now, That's all folks!

Feel free to ask me anything you like ^_^ (Within reason of course)

And remember!

Here.  Have some bearnoculars:

I hope they are my snout size  :D

Well if they aren't, I suppose you'll just have to grin and bear it. :D :D :D

Welcome to the team Bear :3
Us UK'ers will take over yet :3


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