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Krotaos (in progress)
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The shadow dragon arched its neck forward and surveyed the skies. The mountain air was cool and crisp compared to the day and the skies were cleared for the first time in ten days. The dragon let out a snort, making a small cloud of smoke rise into the air. It was a better time than any to hunt and hunting was certainly what it was best at. It narrowed its blood-red eyes and arched backwards, unfolding its wings. In an instant, it took to the nighttime sky, leaving a cloud of dust and sand behind it.

As soon as the dragon had disappeared from sight, a cloaked figure emerged from behind a rock and gazed at the entrance to the dragon’s cave. Rozin smirked from under his hood. He was almost certain that nothing would dare to follow him into the unknown lands, but he knew better than to take unnecessary risks. With one hand on the concealed dagger and his mind open to the aura surrounding him, the figure slowly moved towards the cavern. As soon as he reached the entrance, he opened his left hand and a small flame flickered into existence, illuminating the cavern by a small degree. Satisfied, Rozin walked into the cavern. The power that he felt seemed to get stronger the deeper he got into the tunnel. Whatever was sending off that energy reading was something that he must have.

After a brief walk through the darkness, he arrived at his destination. Rozin threw the flame on the ground and it spread around the walls. The cave was brightly illuminated now, revealing an assorted collection of treasure piled up everywhere. Golden coins cover the ground with other gem stones and some daggers and swords. Yet, Rozin wasn’t interested in the treasure. He was after one thing.

His red eyes darted across the treasure as he tried finding the power source. Eventually, he found it. Laying on the side of a small gold pile was a dark silver sword with a red gem embedded in the black hilt. The gem seemed to be in the shape of an eye, with the pupil looking straight at Rozin. Rozin smirked, feeling the power emanating from that sword alone.

“That’s it. It must be.” He walked over to the sword and bends down to grab it. Yet, as soon as he grabbed the hilt, his entire world became blurry and he stumbled backward. “What in the-“

The sword shot into the air and was glowing dark purple. The hood to his cloak blew backwards, revealing a young male’s face with tan skin and blue eyes. The blue eyes are widened in surprise as the blade glowed brighter.

Kamal da Aberon, Doja fuha metini Rozin heard a voice coming from the blade and the eye glowed red. Rozin suddenly fell to his knees and then screamed loudly. His entire body felt like it suddenly had caught fire. His skin began turning deep silver and his eyes became deep red rather than blue.

The pain lasted at least five minutes and then Rozin stood up. The blade stopped glowing and landed back on the ground. Rozin laughed slightly and cracked his neck.

“Hmm, a body at last,” said Rozin, his voice now sounding much deeper. “I was getting cramped in that sword of mine.” Rozin growled slightly and motioned at the sword. “Drakara, come to me.”

At command, the sword rose into the air and landed in Rozin’s grip. As soon as Drakara landed in his grip, it disappeared in a cloud of black energy. 

“That’s better.” Rozin then took a step and surveyed his surroundings. “Where am I? Am I still in the Unknown Lands?” He sniffed and growled. “I do believe I am. Well, now that I have this body, I had better put it to good use.”

With that, Rozin followed the path that he came in from and quickly came back to the mountainous area he was all too familiar with. “My death place.” Rozin then heard the sound of distant roaring and looked to the sky. “I recognize that sound anyday. No doubt that’s a Rajuna.” Rozin growled softly and Drakara appeared in his hand. Soon, the dark-scaled dragon landed in front of him and roared, believing he was an intruder. Rozin stood unmoved and smirked  slightly.

 “I almost knew it.” He raised Drakara into the air and made a slashing motion. There was a screech and the dragon then landed on the ground, a deep gash going down its back. Drakara vanished once more and Rozin studied the kill. “Mmm, I almost forgotten my own strength. Anyways, I am off to reclaim what’s mine. That was a worthy fight, Rajuna. I, Lord Aberon, thank you for your time.”
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Re: Krotaos (in progress)
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Chapter One

All was quiet in the small castle of Gilderon. Too Quiet thought Zaron, one of the generals that served under Gilderon’s King Ronash. He was a young man, in his early twenties, with dark brown hair that was cut rather short. He was in the standard “General” outfit, which consists of silver chained-armor and a large blade across his back.

Zaron was sitting in his room, bored as ever, when there was a knocking at the door. He sighed and rose to his feet, going towards the door. Before he reached the door though, it opened and King Ronash was standing at the doorway. Zaron instinctively fell to his knees, his head bowed respectfully.

“Your majesty,” Zaron said in a quiet tone. Ronash motioned for him to rise and Zaron did so.

“There is no time, general,” Ronash said in a grave tone. “Someone has spotted a cloaked figure moving toward the castle entrance. I want you and some elites to investigate.” Zaron nodded and Ronash stepped to the side. “Hurry now.”

“Yes, my king,” Zaron nodded in respect and left the room in a rush. As he ran, he pulled his sword from its sheath and held it in guard position. He was stopped abruptly when a ray of dark energy intercepted his path.

Zaron cursed under his breath and turned to see who fired that bolt. When he turned to the open room, his eyes widened. The room was littered with dead bodies and there was signs of struggle present. Yet, out of the destruction, there was one person, or thing, still standing. Standing in the center of the room was a tall cloaked figure that stood at least eight feet tall and grim-looking. In its hands was a black sword that glowed dark purple.

“Hey, you stop right there,” Zaron said in a stern voice, switching to attack formation. He studied the unmoving figure but was unsure how to act. He wasn’t about to make the same mistake that his fallen comrades made and rush towards the stranger.

“Do you not recognize who you are talking to?” the figure finally spoke, its voice as cold as ice. “I am Shadow Lord Aberon, the former ruler of Krotaos.” Zaron suddenly stepped back when the figure introduced itself. Master Aberon? Zaron thought. That cannot be my former master

“You lie. You cannot possibly be Aberon,” Zaron said, his voice uneasy. “I knew Lord Aberon and he abandoned me. How dare you impersonate my former master?”

Aberon chucked softly and raised his sword. “Former Master? Hmm, why do you doubt me then? I am obviously the strongest person in here.” Zaron gasped slightly. He is right Unable to respond back, Zaron fell to his knees, his sword on the floor.

“If you are as you say you are, then I shall serve you as I did before. Yet, first, you must prove yourself completely. King Ronash is the king at the moment and if you really are Lord Aberon, you would destroy him instantly.” Aberon nodded and then stepped towards Zaron.

“Hmm, very well,” Aberon said and moved past the general. Zaron watched as he walked down the corridor and spotted Ronash coming down the hallway in his battle outfit.

As soon as Aberon spotted the king, he raised his sword. Ronash raised the staff just as a bolt of energy flew from the sword. Ronash was quick enough to deflect the bolt to the side and narrowed his eyes.

“So, you must be King Ronash,” Aberon said, his tone low. “Thank you for keeping my kingdom together while I was away.”

“Your kingdom?” Ronash said, his voice also low. “This kingdom belongs to me and me alone.” Ronash then struck the ground with his staff and a Quake shoot the area. Around the staff, boulders shot out the ground and Ronash twisted the staff at Aberon. The boulders were flung from the ground and hurled straight at Aberon.

“Terra element, I presume?” Aberon yawned. “Never been a fan of those types.” He pointed the sword at the boulders and they stopped midair.

(to be continued)

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Re: Krotaos (in progress)
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A Interesting and well written story Wolf kid.  I look forward to reading more. :orbunny:
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