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Are you in the furry closet?

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Darkness Falls:
<font color='#EEEEEE'>That's a great idea, Sno-Pak! Some actual, positive, constructive help on the matter! Good thinking!


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i just told my pal straight    she's cool with it and so is everyone else at school who knows

Are you (or someone you know) in the furry closet? Would you like to come out and tell people you're a fur but afraid of how others will react? Are you afraid of where they are getting their info. from? Well let me step in and offer some advice and links for those furs who need a helping paw. Below are some links to sites that "break the ice" as it were when trying to explain what furry is, what the fandom is all about, and so forth. Of course, you don't have to tell anyone you're a fur and in the fandom. How much you tell people is strictly up to you. Only you can decide what to say, how much to say, and whom to talk to. The links I've provided here are merely a stepping stone to getting out of the closet. If anyone else would like to add to this list of positive sources of info. for explaining furries and the fandom, then you are more than welcome to post.  :)

And of course, don't forget the best and friendliest place around.........Furtopia!

Why the need to come out as a furry? Read here:

Thanks for the compliment, DF.      I thought this might help somewhat for any of the younger furs and new members here on Furtopia. I've remembered quite a few topics in the past few weeks and months where furs were struggling with what to say to friends and relatives. I hope my links help. If anyone else has some positive links and resources to share, post them here.

Sweet links, bro!  Thanks for the help.  I'll read em' and bookmark em' for future use.   I'll know just where to find them if and when they're needed.




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