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Double Life


Jade Sinapu:
Double life

Coming and going like waves of water
The storm would be easier, as an otter.
Depression is growing ever hotter.
Whispering in my ear, “go to the slaughter”.

Why can’t humans stop killing?
Obviously lacking something fulfilling!
Oblivious because of the swilling!
Agog with copious blood spilling!

I remember the loved-one who died.
Flowing tears that can’t be dried.
Wouldn’t it be nice to hide.
Into a crack I might slide.

Wait it out, if I have time.
Close my eyes, it’s no crime.
No one knows I am there.
Except for friends Wolf and Bear.

Into a dream world I dissolve.
Some may say I lost resolve.
Into a trap door, I did fall.
Shortly after, I began to bawl.
No one noticed me, I was small.
The place as foreign, as Nepal.

There I could be happy and carefree.
Like I always wanted to be!
Proudly showing my inner canine!
I could happily growl, bark and whine!

What I saw, truly remarkable.
Something awesome, like a carnival.

Creatures all of marvelous design.
Made of magic and bits of twine.
Complex people, striving for more.
Stirring my thoughts, that now pour.

Awash with emotions of cheer and fun.
And of course the lame furry pun!
Fill my heart with childlike joy!
No longer am I the sad little boy!

They open my heart to love unknown
I can feel it seep into dry bone.
Now an animal costume, being sewn.
Maybe courage, allow it be shown

Depression receding like last light.
But alas I know my doomed plight.
It will come again like a sprite.
Depression, how long can it I fight?

Iara Warriorfeather:
Depression has hit me in pretty strong waves recently. All the stuff in the news doesn't help. Being a furry is a welcome respite! Nice job!  :)

Jade Sinapu:
Thanks Iara.
I too have dealings with depression.  Hopefully I didn't add to the issues anyone was having.
I am not the best writer, but maybe if I keep going, I will write something cheerful next time.  :)

Remember folks, depression is not something to be ashamed of.  Let's stick together.


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