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Chinese-Made Fursuits On Ebay?

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Rocket T. Coyote:
I learned of a new fursuit maker about six years ago while viewing offers on Ebay. She made the suit I presently use as my main character and the partial secondary character. More recently, searches have turned up some rather stunning fursuit offerings, if one can believe the photos, originating from China.

Some of these look rather familiar, like knock-offs of fursuits you may recognize if shown to you. Lately, there was this offer for a rather nice fox suit with option for male or female. It helps to check feedback. So I looked for some regarding the costumes, but could find none. Poured over 3-4 pages of feedback on reward stickers used by elementary school teachers when grading homework and exams. Hmm.

Funny you should mention about this as I was just watching some YT vids several days ago on just such a subject. I would NEVER order any "fursuit" off Ebay whatsoever.  >:( Most of what is seen on Ebay is a complete Chinese knockoff of a well known fursuit seen/worn in the furry fandom. 95% or more of the listings are just scams. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've seen cheap knockoff fursuits based on the actual furry character/fursuit of Daisuke, a green and white anthro husky.

Here's a sample link to vids discussing fake knockoff fursuits.

Jade Sinapu:
Yeah, no need to buy from Ebay or China.  I really enjoy ALL SUITS no matter what they are made of or how well made.
I feel awkward at times being a guy with a bought suit.  I love to see hand made ones.
So someone should just try to make one first and that would be even more awesome!
So I would say the fandom should re-affirm this.  Buy from a furry-artist or make one yourself.  And also love it and live it!  And do not judge!
Who knows, making your own suit might make you into a suit maker!

cause the rat:
There was a warning about furstuits and fur suit heads sold on Etsy a few years back. Someone actually posted a video they found of an Etsy seller making the base for the fursuit head out of cardboard and paper mache. Head cheese anyone? That would mold up faster than an unplugged icebox.

The fursuit that seems to get the greatest attention and being "stolen" is a green and white husky suit by the name of Daisuki Miles.
I've lost count of the number of times I've seen cheap copycat suits of his character on Ebay, Amazon, and numerous other places.
In fact, if I'm not too mistaken, Daisuki "slightly" patterned his suit after mine long, long ago when he was developing it. I think I remember him talking to me about it when we were friends on Livejournal.


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