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Title: Upcoming public Purrformance
Post by: Kattywampus on May 13, 2003, 04:28:19 pm
Here's another announcement..
June 8th,  I'm required to do a performance at the Electronic Music Expo at Columbus Madlab in downtown Columbus Ohio.  More information on directions and stuff like that can be found at Madlab's official site.
I believe I will be purrforming an excerpt or two from a semi-secret project I've been working on.  I'm doing an experimental remake of Peter and the Wolf.  This will be an ongoing project, kind of the way Fantasia was meant to be, in that more and more pieces will be added over time, rather than just one set-in-stone storyline/score.
Wolf's theme, which will be played on Electric guitar, is in hard rock style.  I may or may not have him interact with Duck, whose style is Drum 'n' Bass.  This will be a fun time!
I'll let you know more about the live stuffwhen I do!
Title: Upcoming public Purrformance
Post by: DrakonianDanceR on May 14, 2003, 02:51:56 pm
Is this event going to be recorded?  I wouldn't mind hearing at least your set.
Title: Upcoming public Purrformance
Post by: Kada-Ru on May 14, 2003, 03:00:02 pm
Sounds like a wonderful opportunity, Kat!

Also, I'm glad your class webpage project went well for you!

Keep us informed.
Title: Upcoming public Purrformance
Post by: Kattywampus on May 14, 2003, 09:06:59 pm
Yes, there will be a CD made.  I'll be sure to snag one. I think that the first 30 people get one for free or something...
Title: Upcoming public Purrformance
Post by: Kattywampus on June 09, 2003, 10:04:18 am
Well, everything went well.  I ended up showing "Hunt The Wampus" in its entirety, 'cause it was told to the people putting up the ads that I would be providing animation.  >.<
Hehe, it got a few laughs, though.  I'll be uploading and linking that stuff this week.  Hunt the Wampus is actually gonna become a webcomic, along with "Kwality" as soon as I change its original format.  
I played the Duck's theme and the Dog's theme from my Peter and the Wolf Project.  =^_^=  People seemed to like them.  Although, I wish that I coulda re-recorded it before yesterday.  I really wanna be able to have the whole thing recorded with live (as live as i can get) instruments and all.  This is gonna take a lot of work and a lot of years, but it'll rock.  
Also new this week, I'll be uploading one of the most interesting fan-arts ever.  Someone made a Kattywampus game for me for Christmas.  It's called "Wampo" and it's a bizarre twist on the old arcade classic "Pengo".  Hehe, you'll love it.  =^_^=
Stay fuzzy! (:
Title: Upcoming public Purrformance
Post by: Patrick Rangerwolf on June 09, 2003, 12:02:16 pm
I'm glad it went well.  I need to check out your music.

Title: Upcoming public Purrformance
Post by: Kada-Ru on June 09, 2003, 12:36:04 pm
Sounds like you have been one busy wampus lately, Katty! Sounds like you had fun. I will check out your new additions to your site soon!
Title: Upcoming public Purrformance
Post by: grasper on June 09, 2003, 04:30:10 pm
thgis sounds cool to me. I am especally intrested in that game, im a bit of a game finatic myself, i like to design, and think up ideas for games, and perhaps if i get an inspiration a furry game will be in the works...for the artwork i would love to be able to use (with everyone's permission) arwork that is by furtopia members, i think the best way to do this would be either a card game, where you you could print out the cards and paste them onto playing cards or maybe a borad game, with simple pieces and a board that you could print out.....oooh the ideas are flowing now.......i think this diserves its own topic. im going to brainstorm about this for a wile and see what i come up with. then i will sart a new topic, uhh if you have ideas for this either messgae me or post it in the new topic that i havent  made yet.    :)