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Title: TLKoB!
Post by: Benjamin on August 25, 2003, 01:04:07 am
Date: August 23rd, 2003
Time: 8 PM
Seat: Orchestra section, row BB, seat 16.
I finally got to see the Broadway version of The Lion King in Toronto. Vicky and I saw the 8 PM showing of it last night... in Toronto, of course. :)
I bought one of the programmes for $7. They were wonderfully done. Heavy paper, full colour and all. Certainly worth the money. It was produced based on the New York show, but oh well. Doesn't make much difference to me. ;)
The seats we had were in row BB of the Orchestra, just to the right of aisle 2 if you're facing toward the stage. The way the seats were laid out there, we may as well have been in the front row, seeing as there were no seats in front of us and the staircase up to the stage was right there.
It really cool to be that close to the show, even if it was difficult to take it all in. Still, I think it'd be difficult to take in every detail even if you're in the back, and it's great to have such a clear view of the actors' facial expressions and to clearly hear every word said. The whole production was very visually appealling and I felt very drawn into the scene in much the same way as I do when I'm watching the animated movie of TLK. The way they did a lot of the scenes in the movie was very inventive and gave me a good chuckle of approval. The visuals were absolutely stunning.
Vicky and I felt that a bit of the acting fell flat, but that's the reality of being at a live show and all. They can't all be perfect. Scar was well acted, as was adult Simba, young Nala, adult Nala, and other roles. The actor for young Simba wasn't very good in expressing his voice as well as he really should. It was a bit irritating. Mufasa was good, but perhaps a bit out of it as he didn't seem to be acting as much as he really should have been, either. The costumes were all great, of course.
I must say I love the music and was grooving to it throughout the whole play. I wasn't dancing in my seat, of course.... except for bobbing my head a bit to the beat. :shades:
It was certainly a memorable experience and am glad I finally got to see this play in action. :D
Title: TLKoB!
Post by: Benjamin on September 22, 2003, 07:22:15 pm
For anyone who is interested in the performance in Toronto, they've extended the play again to January 4, 2004. It's been running in Toronto for a few years now, to consistently sold out audiences. If you can make it to any of the performances anywhere, go for it! It's well worth it!