Author Topic: Gravedigging older topics.  (Read 1605 times)

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Gravedigging older topics.
« on: March 18, 2011, 09:18:09 pm »
In the last few weeks, it has been noticed that several old threads from many, many months and/or years ago have been replied in.
I just want to take this time to re-iterate to all our current members, and especially the newcomers, about the policy that Furtopia has about gravedigging older topics. This post is not meant as a warning, but rather to "remind" and ask all members to please be careful on how old of a topic you post in and to check dates carefully. ;)

Item # 15 in the main Furtopian rules:

15. Gravedigging Old Topics: When posting to a topic, please be sure to check the date of the topic's creation, as well as the date of the very last post in that thread, as many topics have been dead for months and/or years.
If it has been 6 months or longer since the last post was written in a thread, then please start a new thread on the subject you wish to discuss and then also contact the Mods/Staff by PM so we can close the older outdated topic. Older topics (Depending on date & subject) should probably not be posted in for the following example reasons:
1. Original poster (or other members from that thread) may be gone and not active on forums anymore to read their own thread/posts and offer advice, or they have already gotten all the info. and advice they were asking for.
2. Information/advice may be outdated, links broken, pics are gone, etc.

Some exceptions to this rule may be, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Various pinned Important Topics in forums that members may still post to.
2. Various Word or RPG game topics in the gaming forums.
3. Members who post a "on-going" issue such as a family problem in the Life Problems forum for example, or maybe discussing a fursuit building issue in the Fursuit forum, where they may post a topic now, then come back 3 months later with an update, then maybe come back later again 2 months later, etc.

If any members are unsure if an older topic can be posted again in, then please contact any Mods/Staff and we'll help you out. Thanks.